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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Ultra Music Festival 2019 – A New Chapter

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Ultra Music Festival has announced its indefinite new home ahead of the monumental 21st edition, the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park and Miami Marine Stadium Flex Park. The world-renowned and internationally acclaimed event provided the message below, in a long-awaited statement to its fans:

‘We are excited to announce that the City of Miami has agreed to a deal to relocate Ultra Music Festival to the beautiful and historic Virginia Key. The new venue will allow the festival to evolve into its new, larger home, ultimately creating a more enjoyable experience for all festival attendees. We look forward to a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with our partners at the City of Miami and Historic Virginia Key Beach Park as we commemorate keeping Ultra in the City of Miami.’

The new venue will permit an extended operating time until 2:00 A.M. and will provide the festival with an increased capacity. Attendees will also have vastly expanded space as compared to the former venue, Bayfront Park. Fans will also experience in-tandem staging at both the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park and Miami Marine Stadium Flex Park, creating a wholly unique single event space.

Due to the cultural and historic significance of Historic Virginia Key Beach Park and given the unique environmental considerations associated with the park, Ultra Music Festival intends to take extraordinarily great care in its production and remediation approaches. Ultra understands that staging an event at Virginia Key means becoming the entrusted stewards of the environmental and historic elements of Historic Virginia Key Beach Park.

Additionally the partnership will clear a path to accessing approximately $20 million that has been earmarked to build Miami-Dade County’s first African American Museum.

Ultra Music Festival looks forward to hosting fans from over 100 countries to close out Miami Music Week March 29-31, 2019.

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Music: Lucas & Steve – Adagio for Strings
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45 Responses

  1. Red Muchate says:

    Poor lineup tickets tagged every time higher and now you couldnt negotiate with Miami's Mayor and now it feels like you moving the trash far from the city so no complains right?

  2. who clicked this video for skrillex

  3. Andrester7 says:

    I love you Ultra ❤️

  4. Music can break boundaries…

  5. This shit bout to be Fyre 👀

  6. Lost in Time says:

    Not a good new song but I don’t think was the real ultra page

  7. mauro carpio says:

    Quiero a Skrillex para este 2019

  8. so sad i wanna go , but i dont get 19 until 2021

  9. Capt. Crunch says:

    The real Fyre festival lol

  10. Erick Cesar says:

    T H E B I G 🇧🇷

  11. New Stwo says:

    DJ GOD!!!

  12. oh yes 21 years old and we've out grown bayfront park it is time to move to Virginia Key

  13. looks like a logistics and traffic NIGHTMARE … is there a site map yet ??? It's next to a Water Treatment Plant ??? LMAOFF … come on guys, are you kidding ??? What is the VIP set up, been to the last six, but not spending $1500 without a LOT MORE INFORMATION !!! And, the lineup ??? Aside from a handful of headliners, SUB-PAR at best !!! Damn, really blew my day learning this, always look forward to Ultra Miami … but no more !!! Sad !!!!

  14. Looks like the Fyre Festival all over again. Good Luck bitches

  15. Damnnn they bought their own private island for Ultra! Can't wait!

  16. Gurjas Singh says:

    Will skrillex perform this year

  17. 20 million for whatf?

  18. Para ya bamos todos a difrutar ….

  19. Rosa Murillo says:

    00:33 sale la bandera de Nicaragua

  20. Ultra vem 👉 Brazil in 👉São Paulo, 2019 ?? 😟

  21. Dan Henry says:

    Why not get Dr Dre to perform as a DJ at Ultra 2019

  22. oohhh yahhh my ammy bichh
    goddamm fuk bichezz hotness fokmisht. jus com onnn eatta thisss

  23. 김연용 says:

    왜 다른나라 라인업 이 인들오낭 ㅜㅜ

  24. Woooow lucas and Steve in ultra Miami what a great idea it's gonna be fire 🔥
    So happy for martin back march we are coming

  25. George Ant says:

    bring back SKRILLEX at UMF AGAIN!!!!!!

  26. Excellent choice!! Thank you , Ultra, for not letting the crowd down!!

  27. Johan Berard says:

    Fail location of Bayfront Park and Bicentennial Park on the map at 0:48

  28. Scott Cook says:

    Honestly, this looks so awesome. Everyone always dreams of a little island oasis, and this is just that.

  29. Vinny Blanco says:

    Can’t wait to see Carl Cox!!!

  30. ymgdul siuol says:

    I think ultra should leave miamj as this place is nice but it isnt deserving of its financial revenue that it brings to this city. Miami and these new class of ppl due to its new high rises in property building with added gentrification of Wynwood and Overtown should leave and find new home that will allow appreciate what ultra does bring that is financially beneficial to city that is open the ppl of ultra. Dont get me wrong miami cops have become more understanding through the year but this city isnt inviting as they do things to fit its new society. Some day miami will.not be know for it wild, fun and crazy parties that last for hours as that is who are. We are the Caribbean European American and other Nation that makes South Florida what it is today but I see there's a change due to politics, old money, corruption. I say it's time for all party vendors to find a new home that is that is not Miami as Miami can be overrated.

  31. Drew Mixes says:

    1:14 aguante Uruguay 🙌

  32. Dave Cover says:

    The Rickenbacker Causeway is gonna b a nightmare! One way in to Key Biscayne and one way out. But i've been to sooo much unforgettable parties on that key so it def gonna b lit. Just b aware of all the mosquitoes

  33. Pyrojaxx says:


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