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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: ULTRA MIAMI 2018 (Official 4K Aftermovie)

Travel back in time to the historic 20th Anniversary of Ultra Music Festival with the OFFICIAL Aftermovie from Final Kid!

Tickets for #Ultra2019 will be available for purchase beginning TOMORROW, September 25th at 1pm ET exclusively at UltraMusicFestival.com

Soundtrack Selected and Mixed by Charly Friedrichs

Yves V & Futuristic Polar Bears – Running Wild (feat. PollyAnna)
https://www.spinninrecords.com/releases/running-wild-feat-pollyanna/ (SPINNIN’ RECORDS)

Throttle & Niko The Kid – Piñata
https://www.spinninrecords.com/releases/pinata/ (SPINNIN’ RECORDS)

Armin van Buuren feat. Conrad Sewell – Sex, Love & Water (Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano Remix)
https://armas1346r2.lnk.to/SLWSJRMRYA (Armada Music)

Reebs – Back Again
https://klash010.lnk.to/BAYA (KLASH)

Toby Green – Control
https://vay016.lnk.to/ControlYA (VAYPOR)

Adam Beyer & Bart Skils – Your Mind
https://www.beatport.com/track/your-mind-original-mix/10670339 (Drumcode)

FISHER – Losing it
https://www.beatport.com/track/losing-it-extended/10766349 (Catch & Release)

Magnificence & Steff da Campo – Out Of My Mind
https://axtone.lnk.to/OOMM (Axtone Records)

Nicky Romero – Duality
http://prot.cl/dualityYo (Protocol Recordings)

ARTY – Tim
https://armas1402.lnk.to/TimYA (Armada Music)


35 Responses

  1. Lukasz Krys says:

    W tej i poprzedniej edycji b. Dużo Polskich flag, akcentów, ludzi. POLSKA jest jedna, nie dzielimy jej… Etc

  2. It reminds me of when UMF was at its pinnacle in 2012.

  3. Who is still waiting for the 2019 after movie to come out

  4. raCECar says:

    2012 Aftermovie was killer. It got me hooked.


  6. 4:00 alv dj luisito comunica

  7. Arvind Katte says:

    That Hug at 9:45 Armin n Hardwell <3. Love and Respect from Bengaluru, India

  8. My honest opinion after watching all you aftermovies, this is your best work. Great visuals as always but wow the music mix to compliment your visuals. Holly crap lol thank you for making this video for us to enjoy repetitively over n over. THANK YOU!!

  9. Crying everyday while watching Ultra miami aftermovies and travelling to work in metro. Its been 5 yrs trying to make through.

  10. Văn Châu says:

    6.20 what is title of the song?

  11. Tak wygląda piękno😎🤩😘🤗

  12. How much kilograms of drugs or cocaine have they use all these people?

  13. Kacper says:

    Who play on guitar in 8:01?

  14. TechnoFreak says:


  15. Elton R says:

    Looks kinda small. How many attend?

  16. I’m sorry but Ultra 2018 was WAYYY better than 2019. Resstiance Island was WAYYY to far from the Main Stage (35 minute walk) and Ultra wasn’t the same without the legendary Hardwell 🙁

  17. frezi tahiru says:

    pls quelqu’un me fasse goutter ça un jour arrrrrrg

  18. victor g says:

    seeing 808 mafia at ultra is a sight to see

  19. Это мечтаа😍

  20. losing it a big hit ibiza 2018 and played for the first time maybe at ultra how did it get in the aftermovie ?

  21. MrKOT3000 says:

    Looks like author of the video has absolutely disgusting musical taste if THESE tons of cacophony were DEFINITELY THE BEST of the whole festival so that he decided to include them in the aftermovie. (-_-) However, as always since Ultra 2013. Or Ultra Miami itself is just too overrated and overhyped festival when in fact is hardly better than many other.

  22. Marek Karpik says:

    Ameryka lacinska i jej politycy?! Trzeba te ludzkie scierwo oswiecic!

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