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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Subito Festival | Online Concert | 23 April 2022

Subito Ensemble presents: Subito Festival | Online Performance

All the music in this video is improvised by Subito Ensemble.
0:00 Introduction
5:32 Ensemble Members
6:47 Bo – Poems
12:22 Tak Kei Wong – Photography
19:32 Julia Łucja Mazur – Illustration
31:32 Tong Xiaoyi – Dance
57:00 Outro

‘Subito Festival’ showcases its collaborative highlights throughout the year typically involving dancers, poets, painters, filmmakers, photographers, lighting designers, actors… and hopefully artificial intelligence!

Comprised of award-winning composers and performers, the ensemble represents a diverse range of cultures and genres of music in their performance. We are all from the Royal Northern College of Music.

Violin: Tak Kei Wong (https://www.instagram.com/kevtkwong/)
Clarinet: Johanna Leung (https://www.instagram.com/johanna_ljn/)
Piano: FLOWERS Tannenbaum (https://www.instagram.com/musicbyflowers/)
Percussion: Emilio Yáñez Ruíz (https://www.instagram.com/emilio_emci/)
Bass: Alejandro Urbina (https://www.instagram.com/alejandrourbinamusic/)

Collaborators Featured In Online Performance:
Bobbie Warner (Literature) (https://www.instagram.com/bobbie.warnerx/)
Julia Mazur (Illustration) (https://www.instagram.com/totez_mazur/)
Tak Kei Wong (Photography) (https://www.instagram.com/kevtkwong/)
Tong Xiaoyi (Dance) (https://www.instagram.com/tongxiaoyiii/)

Design: Tak Kei Wong
Video Editing: Tak Kei Wong
Group photo: Abhishek Kodaganallur Pichumani

Julia Mazur (Illustration) | Rhianwen Williams(Visual arts) | Bobbie Warner (Literature)
| Abi Thomas (Lighting and installation) | Michael Marquez(Dance) |
Tong Xiaoyi(Dance) | Tak Kei Wong(Photography)

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