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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Stromae – L’enfer – live at Coachella 2022 WW1


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  1. Kinda sad to not see the multiple screen on scene move because of the wind.

  2. Lexane says:

    bichette stromae y’a personne qui chante

  3. someone says:

    His vocals are so goooood, i can't even- How did the crowd did NOT went wild?

  4. oj vic says:

    One of the GOATs

  5. jo ker says:

    Best 🇫🇷🇧🇪 artist 💘

  6. Ömrümün sonuna kadar stromae dinlerim ama gram sıkılmam

  7. I can't wait to see him in October.

  8. Jan Brien says:

    ORIGINAL…first in a class of his own.

  9. Margot M says:

    Trop hâte de le voir en live cet été <3

  10. A Massimo Bagnato piace questo video..

  11. Mais non pas Coachella quoi… 'c'est la fashion week ce festival.

  12. Hope to see him in concert one day!! His music is definitely worth the wait!! ❤

  13. Great great great 👍🏽 Keep safe love ❤️ you 😍

  14. Leah G says:

    im ngl, it's kinda funny to see people who are bobbing their heads and such to the music – No one would expect them to know this but as someone who understands French, it's really interesting to see how people just hear a cool beat and don't understand the meaning and assume its bright and happy. this song is about mental health and how his thoughts are putting him through hell, and it's actually really dark but since a majority of the audience doesn't understand that, they just think of it as a cool beat. it's interesting to see.

  15. Naïs Btd says:

    Thank you for taking such a great vidéo capture of Stromae ! I am so happy when i see You guys from the other continent loving so much Stromae ! Il mérite tellement ❤️

  16. US audience in concerts or during wonderful songs always talking or eating or on the phone or running around. Horror this degenerated country.

  17. balahmanny says:

    Очень и очень круто!!!

  18. Anastasia says:

    Song of depression. Who had it, will understand

  19. De la bonne chanson et tout cela en Français. Alors merci 🙏

  20. Magnifique en Live c'est encore meilleur. Quelle énergie qui monte de cette foule. ça fait du bien. Merci beaucoup pour ce moment.💖

  21. ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎 sana kalbimi bıraktım

  22. Great perfotmance, boring crowd… you need to open your freaking ears. They go because it's such good money, but so heartless.

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