FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: SPIRITBOX – Holy Roller (Live) at Download Festival 2022

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  1. SO glad we got in the tent early doors to catch the first UK set from Spiritbox! Were you there? Let us know in the comments and help support the channel by subscribing – https://smarturl.it/sub-primordial 👊

  2. I'm genuinely confused by the hype. Good yes but to me that sounds very like Walls of Jericho and they didn't take off at all really.

  3. Tent was rammed by the time I got there so chilled on the grass outside, but it sounded awesome

  4. REBECCA BIRD says:

    So good! Loved circle with me!

  5. REBECCA BIRD says:

    So good, loved circle with me!

  6. L i l i says:

    With all the different music coming out and the human mentality of music ADHD with plethora releases, I find myself having to listen to them every single day. New Die hard spirit box fan over here! I love you Courtney! You have the best screams in the world. I'm absolutely impressed and inspired. it's been a long time since I've listened to an album from beginning to end and genuinely love every single song.

  7. Rileow says:

    This was insane. I crowed surfed, circle pitted, the works. I loved every second of this set

  8. Nate Genaw says:

    Sick! I can’t wait to see them

  9. Chieve Bihag says:

    do you have the fullset?

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