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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Solomun at Chambord x Cercle Festival 2019 in France

Solomun playing an exclusive DJ set at Château de Chambord (France) for Cercle.
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☞ Solomun

47°37’05.1″N 1°30’52.8″E

Video credits:

Artist: Solomun
Venue: Château de Chambord
Produced by Cercle
Exec production: Anaïs de Framond, Dan Aufseesser
Technical coordinator: Hocine Gherbi, Yanek Karpinski, Arnaud, Antoine
Programmation: Philippe Tuchmann
Film directed by: Pol Souchier & Derek Barbolla
Directors of photography: Mickael Fidjili & Mathieu Glissant & Jérémie Tridard
Sound engineers: Charles Dumaire & Timothée Renard
Sound mastering: Michel Avannier
Light engineers: Pierre-Jean Lorteau (conception), Romuald Michou (operator), Damien Fleury (operator), Elie Sc Druez (operator)
Festival scenography & art direction: Derek Barbolla
Decoration: Luc Beauquesne
Fiber network: Hugo Feret
Stage manager: Vincent Veheme
Technical manager: Fabrice Marchand
Drone: Alexis Olas, Pierre Andre
Crane: Eric Macel & Gaël Giraud
Communication: Pol Souchier, Lola Lebrati
Video post-production: Aurélien Moisan

Special thanks to the Castle of Chambord for their trust: Jean d’Haussonville, Cécilie de Saint Venant and Frédéric Villerot.
Also to Galerie Joseph.

This artistic performance has been recorded live.

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35 Responses

  1. Prolific Ke says:

    Holy mother of god! Epic set!

  2. Hey…. How u doin???

  3. Craig Ireton says:

    Didnt realise ralph hasenhüttl played absolute bangerz

  4. Philippe P says:

    Françoise, qu'est-ce don cet attroupement au bout du parc ?

    Mais voyons François, c'est "Solomun"… Une bonne idée du cercle mon ami😜

  5. Loopy Mind says:

    1:18:00 what is this one called?

  6. Eric Carmona says:

    fucking machine 100/100

  7. Phoenix says:

    He's so sober!!🤘🏼😄

  8. все треки просто очень очень круты

  9. Fantastic! Thank you for this quality music on youtube Cercle

  10. Tacit Tern says:

    This was Connor McGregor's last set before the lab leak left him doing combat sports full time.

  11. Lorna D says:

    His expressionless face kills me every time !

  12. Truth Seeker says:

    By " work it " she means "fucking dance it"

  13. Alain Kanaan says:

    Second track People of the night 💣💣

  14. Hachi Roku says:

    Barbaric robots 8.5 💽📀📀💽

  15. Lorna D says:

    How much of a Giant ?

  16. Anybody knows his schedule? I really like to see him live

  17. Wtf is this shit at 29:00 ish. I would have left this stage w my ears bleeding

  18. Pieter Gouws says:

    Seriously amazing. Some really unexpected songs. Thank you Solomun, you never disappoint.

  19. DJ Furash says:

    1:03:45 "Work It" is a great track, Can't wait to play it on my channel😎

  20. Vitti Alonso says:

    ~PREMIERE~ Recreates natural sounds with enveloping aural explosions. #MelodicTechno

  21. Ahh it’s the guy I hired at my club

  22. Dani says:

    the best ! hands down!

  23. Came here from the Commentsektion of Monolink and i am not dissapointed. Never heared of Solomun and FAK he s awesome!

  24. Ufff que nivel de DJ por Diossssss

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