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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: SNH48 Group – 初日 Shonichi | 6th Annual General Election Highlights

#SNH48 #第六届偶像年度人气总决选演唱会 #李艺彤

第六届偶像年度人气总决选演唱会 SNH48 – “初日” (Shonichi)
梦想就如同花朵一样 / 在汗水中 奋斗之后终将绽放 / 努力地前往 / 也永远不曾改变方向

SNH48 isn’t just a group of young, pretty girls, and the group’s concept is not just about “being idols” either. These girls have their unique music style, and are one of the leading idol groups of younger generations. SNH48 goes beyond the traditional way of creating an idol group (where trainees only debut after a period of secluded training). Instead, by means of exclusive theater performances, handshake events, annual general elections, etc., they let their fans witness and be “involved” in each member’s growth as a singer to the utmost.



29 Responses

  1. Why do you singing AKB48’s song when you leaved AKBgroup?

  2. An Thien says:

    SNH puts the S in SHAMELESS 😏💅

  3. Maris Katari says:

    I love Shonichi of AKB48 original :)))

  4. Nhi Ngọc says:

    Why SNH still use AKB48's song? 🙂

  5. Jovy Muslad says:

    i still think many SNH48 fans prefers the AKB songs.

  6. 新藤至 says:


  7. Daniel Alex says:

    Why ? Why do you still insist on singing AKB48 songs? Have not become independent of the franchise? For they sing only their original songs.

  8. To much auto tune 🙁

  9. Gogo~ AKB48 team SH

  10. Shi-jin Yoo says:

    Are they allowed to sing akb48 songs? I thought they are no longer affiliated to 48g

  11. Vic Zhao says:

    Also Team sh has that similar song but same name

  12. phan hai says:

    Love Team SII SII

  13. Vugy Firsy says:

    Is that 1st generation? But why senbatsu is still in front smh… I mean, 1st gen is deserve to get in front position..

  14. TheKagemaru says:


  15. Love them from France 🇫🇷 ❣

  16. 如果我說 我在抖音聽到 我會不會被追殺..

  17. 守尊 says:


  18. Q_zzyjk S says:


  19. rasyadidi :D says:

    SNH48 Group The Best💓

  20. Vic Zhao says:

    I wonder team sh will meet snh sooner

  21. Anggara 48 says:

    I Hope 1st Generation have Concert and ex member 1st Generation join at the concert like Tang Min,KongKong,Savoki 😢

  22. wong juntuck says:

    Team Sii

  23. I Love Team SII, i love Shonichi, i Love SNH48 groups.

    From Mexico.

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