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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Slipknot: Live at Download Festival 2019

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Slipknot: Live at Download Festival 2019

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24 Responses

  1. KNOTFEST says:

    Thanks for watching! Be sure to hit the subscribe button to stay up to date on new shows each week. What other artists do you want to see?

  2. โจอี้ มือกลองสุดเบอร์

  3. buzzfunk says:

    That mask. I miss the old Slipknot.

  4. dizzy borden says:

    change your settings to 1080p on this one. looks awesome.

  5. I really love the BASS sound! It’s Heavy as F*CK!

  6. Nylon Python says:

    Corey Taylor's new costume looks like an Emo Jack Black.

  7. rj tech tech says:

    essa banda é fodaa d+,vocal is awesome

  8. VETutorials says:

    unsainted sounded so good in this

  9. philrey says:

    3:36 lol, that voice crack from Tortilla man

  10. Film Archiv says:

    the dude looks like Donald Trump's son or st. 😀

  11. Xavier Boss says:

    from all of the Download's Slipknot has performed , Download 2009 is the Greatest .

  12. Andre Adorno says:

    maiden forever iron
    love love!!!!!

  13. My nephew OD on methdone, Kolonipin and oxys. In 2009 I miss him Slipknot was his absolute favorite. Play on for my dear nephew. I love you David and miss you. Love auntie

  14. It was a great night, a great concert, thank you slipknot

  15. Boris Gay says:

    The agora so faltam

  16. Boris Gay says:

    The agora the you the you the you

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