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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Shanty Show E14: Announcing the Fundy Sea Shanty Festival with Gary Caines

In August of 2022, St. Martin’s, NB will host the very first Fundy Sea Shanty Festival. Featuring concerts, workshops, children’s programming, and even a pirate march, the Festival will be the only shanty festival in Eastern Canada. Gary Caines is the principal organizer of the Festival and is also member of shanty group Before the Mast. In this episode, he talks to us about how the idea for the Festival came about, what he’s hoping it will achieve, and his ambition to grow the Festival to the largest in Canada. And of course we get some singing in too!

⚓︎ Shanties featured:
– Opening credits: Paddy Doyle’s Boots, trad. arranged by Pressgang Mutiny
– Live song: Sally Racket, trad. arranged by Gary Caines
– Live song: Rio Grande, trad. arranged by Gary Caines
– Recorded song: Haul on the Bowline, trad. arranged by Ryan’s Fancy
– Closing credits: Saute dans ta barge, trad. arranged by Before the Mast
⚓︎ Find out more about the Fundy Sea Shanty Festival at: https://www.fundyseashantyfest.com/

⚓︎ Find out more about Pressgang Mutiny here:
– pressgangmutiny.com
– facebook.com/pressgangmutiny
– TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram: @pressgangmutiny


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