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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: shame – Snowday (6 Music Festival 2021)

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: shame – Snowday (6 Music Festival 2021)

shame perform Snowday at the BBC Radio Theatre for 6 Music Festival 2021. Guidance: Contains Flashing Images. Visit the 6 Music Festival 2021 website for more videos and photos https://www.bbc.co.uk/events/en89hn


25 Responses

  1. Carl says:

    Aoty already

  2. Jamealade says:

    This is just absolutely fucking sublime

  3. The best song of the new record, I f****n love it!

  4. Aran Grover says:

    want a carpet right t shirt so bad ahahahhaa

  5. Stuart Bryan says:

    The leap in quality from Songs of Praise to Drunk Tank Pink is quite something.

  6. Is this festival only for speaking and shouting voices performing without singing?

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  8. Jonathan says:

    Perfect!! I've been waiting to listen to a live version of this since those first few notes hit my ear for the first time. The lads really delivered.

  9. all time favourite

  10. Nate Wall says:

    4:05 til the end of the song is one of my favourite moments on the album

  11. Rezaul Islam says:

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  12. corzalenko says:

    best song of all time

  13. Elyy03 says:

    One of my favorite songs of all time already

  14. that drummer is a machine

  15. 🖤🖤 Fav Band

  16. Marblescam says:

    Steen is such a captivating performer damn

  17. Molly says:

    LOVE!!!! So sick

  18. Ben Smith says:

    Lighting for radio

  19. Jose SW says:

    The have grown so much, musically. Good on you lads.

  20. Love this band, so where tf can i get a Carpet Right T-shirt lol

  21. Billerin says:

    Song of the year for me already

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