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John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) was the most sought-after portrait painter of his generation.

Sargent’s canvases and drawings, however, were created by an artist who was also deeply involved in music, both as a listener and as a player. This hourlong video explores Sargent’s lifelong passion for music.

Much of the soundtrack has been specially recorded for this project (some previously recorded excerpts are used with permission), featuring performances by Kinga Augustyn, Alla Milchtein, Diderot String Quartet, Kristina Bachrach, Mitchell Vines, Howard Lew, Fang-Fang Shi Inouye, Brian Kovach, Lara Bello, Dan Nadel, Marguerite Krull, Phillip Cheah, Jonathan Woody, Jeremy Rhizor, Sophie Scolnik-Brower, Alex Polyakov, Sherezade Panthaki, Anthony Olson, TENET Vocal artists, and The Sebastians. Sam Tsoutsouvas, Deborah Beshaw-Farrell, and I are the narrators.

 Erik Ryding

Erik Ryding wrote his doctoral dissertation at Columbia University, where for years he taught at both Columbia College and Barnard College. He is the author of In Harmony Framed and coauthor, with Rebecca Pechefsky, of the award-winning biography Bruno Walter: A World Elsewhere (Yale University Press), recently translated into Japanese and French. He was senior editor of publications at Carnegie Hall, and his writings have appeared in The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, Current Musicology, Classic Record Collector, Shakespeare Quarterly, Renaissance Quarterly, and Playbill. In addition, he has lectured for such organization as the New York Philharmonic and the Bard Music Festival. He has worked in various capacities on hundreds of recordings and numerous videos. His interest in Sargent began several decades ago and remains strong today.

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