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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Pat Metheny Solos – Highlights from the 1990 Mellon Jazz Festival

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Includes Pat’s solos on: 1) Indigo Landscapes by Jack De Johnette (JD), 2) 9 Over Reggae by JD & PM, 3) Silver Hollow by JD, and 4) Cantaloupe Island by Herbie Hancock (HH).
PM on guitars, JD on drums, HH on Keyboards, and Dave Holland on Bass.


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  1. Adam Szew says:

    What's great about jazz is that its always complex and never fails to deliver its unique tone/mood; you always know that you're listening to jazz without knowing exactly what is going to come next. That's what makes the genre great.

  2. This cantaloupe Island solo is Pat's best solo ever, in fact it's any musician's best solo ever.

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