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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: PART 1 – Drake Wireless Festival Highlights 2012 – MTV Live HD

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: PART 1 – Drake Wireless Festival Highlights 2012 – MTV Live HD

PART 1 – Drake Wireless Festival Highlights 2012 – MTV Live HD


42 Responses

  1. drake – trust issues. excellent guitarist

  2. Sally G says:

    anyone knows where I can upload this as an mp3?

  3. Drao BUN says:


  4. will farrow says:

    i was there! long as my london … gota a cup

  5. Nah, San Jose was better.

  6. Laurie W says:

    The song the weeknd sings after crew love is called the zone

  7. avonsgold says:

    i was there, it was amazing (:

  8. meleca says:

    Trust Issues is way much better in live !

  9. quenzio says:

    you got the footage m8?

  10. Loren Wahedi says:

    So jealous of anyone that was in that crowd!!

  11. james preece says:

    the weekend is a amazing singer

  12. Born Sinner says:

    This was one if not the best day of my life! what I would do be be back in this moment right now!

  13. I'm so in love with his music

  14. huw lewis says:


  15. I wish I could re-live this night. I left my friends just to be in the front and I didn't even care, it was so amazing. He's a great performer and that's why he's my husband

  16. Tel Johnson says:

    trust issues wernt even released as a song and the crowd are mad for it! best day of my life

  17. london really loves drake ! god damn !!!

  18. jemdeuces says:

    That crowd is so good!!!

  19. tom hanley says:

    Trust issues…..Holy shit ! Drake is amazing live..

  20. What is the name of the first song

  21. Crew love – Drake ft. The Weekend

  22. Drizzy has two voices, the choir and rapper.

  23. LoLzDC2 says:

    i miss OVOXO 🙁

  24. Love that crowd shit

  25. 6:13 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Simer Luthra says:

    The crowd and drizzy <3

  27. Seby says:

    The moment of Take Care is AMAZING! I'm hope that his next album will be as good as Take Care.. Drake♥

  28. slickflicks says:

    Drake is so amazing in live concert its actually quite special.

  29. Love a bit of drizzy and the weekend

  30. Ty Armitage says:

    Song sucked baby minded people

  31. TVE weeknd y drake ufff que melodía no me canso de escuchar a todo tope

  32. Jao Franklin says:

    yh i was there…sickkkkk

  33. amanda g says:

    whats the name of the last song? 

  34. alexia n says:

    so many good vibes i fucking love it man. wish i was there.

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