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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Outlook Festival 2015 Highlights

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Outlook Festival 2015 Highlights

Outlook 2016 tickets are now on sale: http://www.outlookfestival.com/tickets

Europe’s biggest celebration of sound-system culture returns to Fort Punta Christo, Pula, Croatia
Opening Concert: 31st August
Festival: 1–4th September


21 Responses

  1. Greg Gardner says:

    Play LSB the Optimist to this video

  2. $hack says:

    Does someone know the music at 00:04 ?

  3. ^looks so nice man i think i have to go theree one time

  4. See you in 11 days ! 😀

  5. Lewis Read says:

    I have airport transfer tickets available for a bargain:

    Treviso-Pula – 11:30 Tuesday 30th August
    Pula-Treviso – 10:00 Monday 5th September

    Long shot I know!!

    70 squid for both

  6. Bait tunes attract bait people.

  7. Outlook Festival 2016 , I can't faking wait , hospitality and med school in two seperate night, it will be mental. cheerz from Pula!

  8. rogue noodle says:

    if anyone could tell me the track that plays from 4:00-end I'd really appreciate it!

    p.s. I already checked every version of Sandstorm so it's not that

  9. Nispek tus says:

    can't wait 2016

  10. lee simms says:

    whats the lethal bizzle remix tune

  11. can öner says:

    fake ass video

  12. Can Oner says:

    fake ass highlights

  13. wish it could just go on all year round 🙁

  14. anyone know the song that plays for like 4 seconds from 0:030:07

  15. Ira Osborne says:

    whats the song at 2.12?

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