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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Our Five Favourite Instrumental Albums! || Saturday’s with Dad

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Our Five Favourite Instrumental Albums! || Saturday’s with Dad

Hi all, I hope you enjoyed today’s upload! What are your favourite instrumental albums? Let us know down below!
I may make a video on instrumental pieces at some stage in the future….!
I am currently working on my May Favourites playlist on Spotify, you can find that in the Spotify link down below!!
See you on Monday for a new episode of Prog Monday’s!
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39 Responses

  1. em diar says:

    When it comes to mind expanding instrumental albums, does anybody else think the Ozric Tentacles deserve a bit more recognition from the Prog community? If you haven't yet allowed them into your life, give 'Pungent Effulgent' or 'Erpland' a go. You won't regret it.

  2. em diar says:

    On the subject of instrumentals, quick question for your dad (and you if you're familiar with them): Where do you stand on The Enid, the most classically symphonic prog band ever? Their 1976 debut album, 'In the Region of the Summer Stars' , is one of my favourite albums of all time.

  3. Ted B says:

    Porcupine Tree – 'Voyage 34'
    Riverside – 'Eye of the Soundscape'

  4. Simon Ossitt says:

    Sorry, but you lost me with "I think it's a double album, I could be wrong". It's one of your top 5 favourite and you don't know? Aside from the fact that you were just holding it, surely you should know.

  5. I Prosopon says:

    Great recos. Thank you. I'm always looking for recommendations like this now that we listen to music using streaming services (mine attached via Bluetooth to a proper neighbor annoying stereo kit I bought in college circa 1981). As much as I enjoyed the vinyl and CD eras it did have its drawbacks, mainly musical exploration was cost prohibitive and now it is not. It's now just overwhelming due to the amount of music out there — an embarrassment of riches to be sure.

  6. Linval Thompson,Negrea Love Dub.

  7. ssp says:

    “Ricochet” is my favorite Tangerine Dream album.

  8. ssp says:

    Snow Goose was released in 1975. Great album.

  9. Egberto Gismonti,Sol Do Meio Dia.

  10. David Sylvian and Holger Czukay Plight and Premonition/Flux and Mutability-late 80s dark and ambient in the TD/Klaus Schultze style.

  11. The Orb's Peel Sessions immediately came to mind. I reckon one of the reasons The endless River sounds so great is that it was co-produced by Phil Manzanera plus Youth, and Alex Paterson of the Orb. A lot of folks brush The Endless River off as a bunch of slapped together leftovers, but those producers really enhanced the tracks quite a bit. The Orb also did a really cool EP with David Gilmour as well as an album with Fripp called FFWD. Loved your choices all around. Especially Klaus!

  12. chris l says:

    i got carlos santana / alice Coltrane illuminations. Carlos santana / john Mclaughlin a love supreme. mahavishnu orchestra albums, miles davis on the corner session s box set. igor Stravinsky firebird suite album. Godley and creme has a lot instrumental albums.

  13. Hey, I love your dad's Grateful Dead shirt

  14. Perry Julian says:

    Fantastic 👍👍

  15. Ben W says:

    Try some Ozric Tentacles. The albums between 1990 and 2001 are great.

  16. Excellent excellent selection of instrumental albums people. Agitation Free – Last (1974) is one of my favourite instrumental albums and I recommend that one highly. Thank you once again!!!

  17. What about STRATOSFEAR by TD Songs. of Distant Earth by Mike Oldfield The Cello by Klaus Schultz and in the extreme ARACHNOID's seld titled album. Bye folks

  18. Great taste people, but there is a little known English band called WAVESTAR, their best known album is MOONWIND, very much in the style of TD very emotional stuff, it could end up on your bucket list.

  19. JCL says:

    This is so refreshing to see genuine people on the Internet with a real passion for something that isn’t motivated by money or notoriety. I hope my daughter grows up with a similar passion for something rather than been dictated by popular culture. I tend to like more contemporary electronic music but I think this track may appeal to you (and your dad) – https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FXARnEr_8Vw

  20. Alan Oscroft says:

    Extra point for Dad for picking Kind of Blue 👍

  21. Wayne Yeadon says:

    The Enid did some great instrumental albums but are not the same now. Tangerine Dream still going strong and putting out decent stuff. Hope to see them next year when they do some uk shows. long overdue.

  22. David Morley says:

    Your father's taste and mine are so close. I love Schulze (in my case, I'd put Timewind top), kind of blue is a sonic and musical masterpiece, Rubycon is my favourite TD album and they are my favourite group. Respect! And I agree with your choices too Niamh

  23. Almost anything by the incomparable Allan Holdsworth

  24. Surely “Oxygene “ by Jean Michel Jarre is a timeless classic .
    Check out “China “ by Vangelis which is a lovely album .
    Six wives of Henry 8th by Rick Wakeman is a personal favourite

  25. 'The Snow Goose,' I saw the film in 1971 .. I've never recovered!! .. Read the book and love the album .. 🙂

  26. Alfie Vinyl says:

    Your dad is a great guy! His records are so amazing!!! Best wishes from germany! Gunnar

  27. Ben Miler says:

    Some of my favorite instrumental albums include:
    Tangerine Dream: Zeit (1972)
    Return to Forever: Romantic Warrior (1976)
    Brand X: Unorthodox Behaviour (1976)
    Jean Michel Jarre: Oxygene (1976)
    Terry Riley: A Rainbow in Curved Air (1969)
    Anna Själv Tredje: Tussilago Fanfare (1977, obscure Swedish electronic in the Schulze/Tangerine Dream vein, sadly never reissued and the original LP is hard to come by)
    Steve Hillage: Rainbow Dome Musick (1979)
    Ozric Tentacles: Jurassic Shift (1993)
    Tim Blake: Crystal Machine (1977)

  28. AkAkAkNeil says:

    loved your list – and you've guilted me into finally buying a copy of Tubular Bells right this minute! 😛

  29. Great selection. Very enjoyable and charming.

  30. What? No Mahavishnu Orchestra? There are situations where they use voice as an instrument. Listen to Birds of Fire ( female humming on the final track which morphs into guitar) and/or Visions of the Emerald Beyond (my personal favorite instrumental album – chanting on 1st two tracks). Fantastic production values for their time. If you've never listened, there are "echoes" of King Crimson and Yes

  31. I strongly recommend you Equinoxe (1978) by Jean Michel Jarre as well as Oxygene (1976) and Chronologie (1993).

  32. The Pearl by Harold Budd & Eno, Mirrorball by Robin Guthrie & John Foxx.

  33. Excellent choices…..
    And Dads shirt today is particularly remarkable…. and absolutely awesome 👏

  34. Niamh, I usually find myself gravitating towards your tastes, much more than your Dad's, but on this occasion, I entirely agree with his thoughts on Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream.
    There are a great many artists who tried similar things to what they did, and while many of them are either good or very good, not many of them were able to reach that same standard (as an example, "Zeit" by Tangerine Dream, is a complete one off… I think it's truly remarkable!).
    Edgar Froese also produced some absolutely incredible albums of his own, and his solo work should be investigated urgently! (in particular, the albums "Aqua", Epsilon in Malaysian Pale", and "Macula Transfer").
    As for "No Pussyfooting", Robert Fripp inspired French Synthesist/Guitarist, Richard Pinhas to create the band Heldon, which is some of the most incredible music of the ilk, you'll ever hear! (the first four albums are masterpieces!).

  35. Rolf Jamne says:

    Ecm records has a lot of god artist
    like Pat Metheny,Jan Garbarek and
    Terje Rypdal.
    And there is this record called
    The Hapless child and other inscrutable
    With Mike Mantler, Carla Bley,Terje Rypdal,Jack De Jonette,Steve Swallow
    and Robert Wyatt.This one have vocal
    but i think this one might have gone under your radar.It's an epic dark and totally underratet album.
    I have never heard you guys mentioned it.
    Keep up the god work and stay safe.🤘

  36. Rolf Jamne says:

    Pierre Moerlen's Gong.
    You will find some of Alland Holdsworth best guitar work on those albums.
    And by the way Pierre Moerlen playd drums on Mike Oldfield's live gigs.
    And of course you have bands like Wether Report ,Mahavisnu Orchestra,
    and Brand X.
    But you got a great list there.❤

  37. jim distad says:

    My absolute favorite instrumental album is blow by blow by Jeff Beck

  38. On the run, can't hang for entire video. Me? Jeff Beck: Blow by Blow & Wired. peace to you both….

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