FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Nico Moreno @ Verknipt Kingsday Festival | Warehouse 1

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Enjoy the set of Nico Moreno at Verknipt Kingsday Festival | Hembrugterrein, The Netherlands.

Listen to this set of Nico Moreno on Soundcloud:



37 Responses

  1. Luis Ponce says:

    everybody with the phone at the beginning LOOOOOL

  2. 😏 𝙥𝙧𝙤𝙢𝙤𝙨𝙢

  3. Lynn K. says:

    Nico Moreno by far the best Techno Dj in this world! Love him and his tracks so much.. Thank you Nico. Nice work!!! ❤

  4. WeirdFeeling says:

    At first I didn’t really like that opening, now thats all i listen to🤞🏻😈

  5. Ketamingo says:

    What is the track he mixes in at 41:45?

  6. Al die fucking telefoontjes…

  7. Ranjha says:

    Is it me or does the crowd look dead?

  8. DjGermanN ec says:

    Nico estaaaa locoooooo🤯🤯❤️

  9. Hahaha dit is zo slecht, leuk kinderfeestje

  10. SmikkelGames says:

    beste techno artiest ever

  11. DANNY ACAB WP SS 666

  12. jjk says:

    TRACKLIST (help me complete it 🚀)
    02:50 Ginfaxi | 2+2=5
    04:56 CAREFREE SPEECH | Nico Moreno
    10:30 Godd | Marco V (remixed)
    24:25 The Bells | Jeff Mills
    26:59 Rave Dimension – Sebastian Mora Remix | Resonances (IT)
    29:38 Techno Crari | Nico Moreno
    32:40 This Is For My Haters | Nico Moreno
    42:50 Purple Widow | Nico Moreno
    53:00 Meet Her At The Love Parade | Da Hool mixed with Machina | DJ Ogi
    56:22 So Cute!! – Schiere Remix | Ayako Mori
    1:08:35 SRVD | The Yard Man (Azyr's full throttle edit)
    1:10:09 Glue | BICEP (ACOR HT Rework)

  13. Los giros que hace le hace único, siempre es un placer verle en directo 😍

  14. Jan Veerman says:

    Helaas de zaal te klein, maar wel mooie locatie

  15. Minopolska says:

    Thanks Nico for the support ! <3
    39:15 Minopolska – Violent Rave (Coming soon)
    1:04:00 Minopolska – Hellbound (Available on Oskyrth Label)

  16. JD8400R says:

    1:10:11which track is that? 😍

  17. santy pino says:

    19:45 free Tíbet techno versión

  18. djalla says:

    Bestteeee. Kan ni wachten tot 12 juni

  19. Timo Ooms says:

    Wat een set 🪚⚒👹

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