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Welcome to the 2021 virtual New Rag Contest hosted by William McNally & Adam Swanson. 12 of the 19 entries have been evaluated by our judges Vincent Johnson, Sue Keller & Terry Parrish. The top 12 are featured in tonight’s presentation along with performances by William & Adam. Many thanks to all of the fine submissions for our first-ever on-line contest.

Donations to the Contest are gratefully accepted. Here are details on how you can contribute:

1) PayPal.Me/OldTimePianoContest – Go to your Paypal account. When it asks for a phone # or email, simply type in oldtimepianocontest@gmail.com. (don’t be alarmed if your receipt comes with your donation having been given to an individual)

2) Venmo – @OldTimePianoContest

3) Checks are always welcome as well. Checks should be made out to “University of Mississippi May Piano Contest” and mailed to Ian Hominick, Artistic Dir., 432 Cherokee Drive, Oxford, MS 38655.

Thank you so much for your contributions!


11 Responses

  1. Z Mac says:

    How could anyone put a thumbs down, that's just cold blooded & rude! GREAT job everyone, don't worry about the jealous "thumbs down" person!!!!

  2. Love the contest.. But "world" championship AND the anthem of the USA? Come on..

  3. Edward M says:

    Pickles and Ice Cream should’ve won first place. Hers and Paul Orsi’s rag were the better ones presented here.

  4. max espinoza says:

    BRAVO ERIC!!!!!!
    This is Max — I've always liked this one too .

  5. Pat Campbell says:

    Excellent contest. Enjoyed Bill and Adam as hosts and pianists. Loved Eric Marchese' s rag and Bill's performance.

  6. Great job Brett😊

  7. Sharon Orsi says:

    So enjoyed the "New Rag" Contest! Bill and Adam were fantastic MC's as well as amazing performers! Thanks for all your effort to make this event happen!

  8. Heejin Jang says:

    Yay Angela! 👏👏👏🥰🥰🥰😍😍

  9. DC DC says:

    I just came across this livestream by sheer accident. With all of negative things on the Internet, thanks for making the world a bit more joyful with your great piano playing

  10. Great job ! Beautiful work by Eric !

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