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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: New Edition rehearsals, New York Undercover performance & backstage pass

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JUST ANNOUNCED- The legacy continues…. New Edition is hitting the road with Charlie Wilson and Jodeci for The Culture Tour!   Presale begins this Thursday, December 16th at 10am.  Please use code BPC.  General on sale for the tour is this Friday at 10AM.  For more details visit BPCTickets.com.  ⠀

#TheCultureTour #newedition #jodeci #charliewilson

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46 Responses

  1. ronnie DeVoe says:

    I love all six guys

  2. I so miss, Bobby’s spark. Praying this tour helps him reclaim some of that happiness ❤️.

  3. Epic performance helluva night at MSG

  4. SILKTEEN46 says:

    Those coats with the leather pants are giving me life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love New Editionnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

  5. I am still a fan loving me some NE

  6. Arnita Blowe says:

    Love all of this video!!! 🥰❤🎙🎶

  7. J.E. says:

    Love it guys

  8. Marcus Green says:

    February 18th Nashville I can't wait All 6

  9. djmedouble says:

    ❤ Them so much! Been there from the Beginning!!!

  10. They all look realllyy good and in shape !

  11. Lovely Brown says:

    It’s good to see this! I’m glad Bobby was able to get his self together and get back with the group. This is real dope!! New Edition will never go away.

  12. james warner says:

    Do you realize they could actually remake that song with a Bobby Brown remix twist to it? After they sing the chorus part of "If it isn't love", Bobby can jump in momentarily with his semi rapping, and that would elevate that song to another level. How old is this actual footage? Because Bobby Brown was showing a 6 pack, and I know damn well he was fat, out of shape, and could barely move around.

  13. Lisa Harris says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes ❤️Them all . I see some of the rehearsal from this one's for me and you Love, Peace and Continued Blessings to all!!!

  14. Looks like they are having fun again…Keep it up brothers.

  15. Glad they are ALL together. Love them all. Can't wait to see them.

  16. Concerned says:

    My favorite group always and forever. NE, yes…

  17. ANGEL FISHER says:

    Love them! Booby looks like he's having an extra good time!😆💋

  18. Kieya Smith says:

    I can’t wait to see them in April 2022!!! I love all 6 guys 💛🤞🏽

  19. Renee Holley says:

    Damn they look great!!

  20. I got my ticket for the culture tour LA show it's going to be crazy!

  21. Chester jade says:

    The Outfits are what's up.

  22. Kim Kirby says:

    Come thru ensembles!! Come thru stylist!
    …AND Lawdamercy these men are still FOYNE!! All of ‘em! #aforeverfan #NE4LIFE

  23. Like to hear those brothers do Holdin on by LTD updated fresh for 2022

  24. Shalom Brothers Always CLEAN 💯 …

  25. Robin Brown says:

    I love my Johnny and all of his gills 💜

  26. Mr.Abiy says:

    All I can say is I hope NE including Bobby had more albums during the 90's because that was when they where all young, fit crazy and talents Eere flowing out of their butt holes 😂😂😂😂 … Home again was a great start …

  27. BEP says:

    You can't help but love these guys. They work so freaking hard. After all these years. It's safe to say that my kids will know them.

  28. shigi says:

    yo what year was the first clip? looked like it was filmed today but i know bobby does not look like that today.

  29. Yeah got damn!!! Let's move to the groove fellas. 🤎💯🎶✌🏾📸

  30. (You know what I dig about New Edition) there foot work👍 their dance move👍 it's in order👍 and it's smooth👍

  31. LGKids says:

    NE is ready at the drop of a dime, Baby! Peace!

  32. Mina Garcia says:

    Gives me goosebumps ❤️

  33. Icy Rock says:

    I like that they came back together and they still look like they enjoy it.

  34. T Hamilton says:

    Good Video…They were performing "You Don't Have To Worry"from the Home Again CD 1996 on NY Undercover

  35. SISI Asian says:

    Young ones must take a chapter out of NE book. These guys just have IT.

  36. My favorite group of all time 💞

  37. ❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️NE4LIFE

  38. Julia Wood says:

    ?? How old is this video ? I see how mean days it was post.

  39. Love that Shawn was there. After all Boyz II Men was named after NE's song.

  40. Joy Bretz says:

    I'm ready for it!

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