FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Neck Deep's Ben Barlow | Slam Dunk Festival 2022 | Interview

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Neck Deep frontman Ben Barlow chats with us ahead of their headline slot at Slam Dunk Festival 2022. He talks preparing for the show, writing recent single ‘STFU’ and what to expect from the band’s upcoming new album. Plus, he shows off the brand new Neck Deep beer which is available at the festival.
Interviewer: James Wilson-Taylor
Camera: Mark Forrer

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@Neck Deep

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13 Responses

  1. Loving the new music! Neck deep is one of my favorite bands

  2. NintyGuy999 says:

    Hope Ben is ok, he looks worse everytime I see him 😕

  3. Wow. The band drove more than likely drove right by me while I was at work.. wish they would play a show in Kentucky soon.

  4. JASON OHara says:

    Come back to Dublin please 🙏 the show was amazing

  5. DJ Y says:

    Neck Deep were awesome at Leeds this week. Glad to hear they're going to be bringing out some new tunes.

  6. nvnzilla says:

    ma broo ben ✊💥

  7. holy shit i was on the last flight into orlando that day! a girl im friends with and i almost drove them to louisville but the storm was too nasty

  8. BigPimpTim says:

    also i loved all distortions are intentional

  9. BigPimpTim says:

    i love the message of STFU

  10. BigPimpTim says:


  11. sahara b says:

    i love neck deep so much and it makes me so happy to have new content!!! such a good interview, thanks for this<3

  12. My favorite band! Can’t wait to see them at Sad Summer Fest!

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