FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: NAMM SHOW 2022 – FULL TOUR – Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys, Piano, Pro Audio – Day 1

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Here’s Day 1 of my first time being at the NAMM Show in Anaheim, California. I hope you enjoy my tour and that it gives you a good picture of what the Anaheim Convention Center is like and the exhibitions that took place at the show.
God Bless,


34 Responses

  1. Martin guitars and lowden there ?

  2. What a great video. I appreciate all your hard work. I would have been exhausted. You are an inspiration to music. Thank you so much.

  3. teacher says:

    The show's , opens for shop's owner's , around the countrys , trade's sign for contract , produce for a years , to ten years of goods , displays , waits for …..com to com 's !!!! (

  4. JudgeFredd says:

    Thank you for taking the time for making us visiting the NAMM

  5. John Carlo says:

    Caught me on Mark 3:16 with Breaking Bad Shirt. hahaha! I walked 11,000 steps that day. It was the happiest days of my life!

  6. The drumming sector is hell to us guitarists. A hundred drums, all playing out of time.

  7. Seems everywhere you go, you think you hear Polyphia.

    The times they are a changing.

  8. Thank You very much!!!

  9. Bree Vwhyman says:

    such a great video you make……..thanks very very much for showing NAMM 2022

    a great event to see from your video

    i loved some of the higher end electric guitars

  10. Thank you for the walking all over the place for us and keep safe.

  11. Everybody and their brother is a guitar hero , ha ha ..Too much crap .

  12. Much gratitude for taking us on this tour of the NAMM show brother! Almost felt like I'm actually there.

  13. 25:00 is the money shot! Thanks for stopping by! @goldenratioguitars

  14. Man thank you so much I missed NAMM last few years but I can show you what I filmed in the past years
    I so appreciate what you did like me You play both Keys and Guitars but Im no where close to as good as you having said that Ive written 1000 songs and Have 1000 videos on here smile Im also a filmmaker and haver my own radio show AND HAVE SOME PRETTY LEGENDARY FUNK AND OLD SCHOOL FRIEND SMILE

  15. cfibb says:

    What brand of (Jerry Garcia inspired) guitars is that around 7min mark?

  16. Normal people are forbidden from going to NAMM. NAMM is for manufacturers, demonstrators, artists, and anyone who was invited by the 3 types of people I just mentioned.

  17. cliff avery says:

    Thanks for the video. Excellent!!!

  18. Fred Hammond on Main Stage errrbody!!! Thank you Jesus this is dooooope!

  19. Thanks to you for doing this tour when so many couldn’t make it this year!

  20. no idea how anyone can spend more than a minute in the drum hall….need some serious ear protection πŸ˜‚…. excellent tour!

  21. Bill Wittman says:

    Hey Mark, great video and thank you for sharing!

  22. Awesome my friend it was nice to meet you at NAMM and thank you for featuring me on your video let’s keep in touch

  23. charvel4blue says:

    Thank you. 46:00 M-1 Custom !! I own the original pearly white 1987 ESP M-1, the best guitar of all time.

  24. What are the brands at 7:30, 2:40 and 2:54 ?

  25. Is there Korg pa5x available?

  26. Glad you left to eat, food truck food cost more than gear.

  27. Weeww perf de Castro.. Phil represent

  28. 4:44 my bros from FM Guitars!

  29. Thank you for the video sir!

  30. Hey, a familiar face, you are my teacher on Udemy, I learned the fretboard thanks to you. Cheers man.

  31. Suzy Joy says:

    Nice tour! Very thurough! Like being there!

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