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Bring Your Own Lunch – 9th September, 2021

Production – Conor Buckley, Jack Brolly and Graham Patterson
Video recording – Daniel Potts, Dean Fitzgerald, and Graham Patterson
Sound recording and mixing – Mícheál Keating
Video editing – Graham Patterson
Stills – Conor Buckley
Graphics – Hugh Heffernan

Naive Ted is one of Ireland’s leading scratch DJ’s and experimental hip-hop producers. His frenetic style and hypnotic beats combine to create some of the most arresting and idiosyncratic sounds in Irish music. Naive Ted is also the mastermind behind the “not really a record label” The Unscene, releasing music from the likes of Post Punk Podge and the Technohippies, Mankyy, and Le Pizza Galaxie.


Féile Na Gréine is an annual music festival in Limerick City, curated by local collectives DIY LK & Lower Your Expectations. The festival highlights and showcases emerging and experimental Irish music.


Bring Your Own Lunch is a series of lunchtime gigs where Irish musicians are invited to perform in front of a hungry audience. Organised with local music promoter Jack Brolly (Lower Your Expectations), this special Féile na Gréine edition was recorded in Wickham Way, Limerick City.



8 Responses

  1. QUADREX says:

    It was a blast!! Thanks to everyone involved. Best lunchtime ever 😎👌

  2. The absolute king 👑 great work from everyone involved 🙌🏻

  3. ShapeyFiend says:

    That's some setup. Ted wildin' out at usual.

  4. Now that was a fairly class lunch time.

  5. Ray Burke says:

    This looks and sounds amazing. Take a bow. Everyone

  6. tararoonies says:

    Unreal – great job the lot of you.

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