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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: MTV Best of Woodstock '94 (1994 TV Special + Festival Highlights)

Originally broadcast on MTV sometime in 1994 after the Woodstock ’94 festival. Capper removed the performance of “Shoop” by Salt N Pepa due to it being on the official Woodstock ’94 VHS & Laserdisc release. Capper also removed some VJ footage, mostly of Kennedy. Capper patched the audio of the two Nine Inch Nails songs from a bootleg CD release called “Woodstock ’94”.

Official Woodstock ’94 CD, Cassette, VHS & Laserdisc:

Bootleg CD of Nine Inch Nails’ set:

00:00 Give It Away – Red Hot Chili Peppers
08:14 Down In It – Nine Inch Nails
14:52 All I Wanna Do – Sheryl Crow
20:39 Welcome To Paradise – Green Day
24:21 Cryin’ – Aerosmith
29:34 Pets – Porno For Pyros
34:56 One – Metallica
38:14 Blister In The Sun – Violent Femmes
42:10 Under The Bridge – Red Hot Chili Peppers
49:38 Piece Of My Heart – Melissa Etheridge
51:43 Insane In The Brain – Cypress Hill
57:47 Alien Blueprint – Rollins Band
1:01:39 Basket Case – Green Day
1:06:30 In Your Eyes – Peter Gabriel
1:12:48 Enter Sandman – Metallica
1:17:14 My Name Is Mud – Primus
1:20:15 Toys In The Attic – Aerosmith
1:24:16 Head Like A Hole – Nine Inch Nails
1:30:52 Zombie – The Cranberries
1:37:03 Paper Lanterns – Green Day (with mud fight)
1:49:43 Higher Ground – Red Hot Chili Peppers



29 Responses

  1. TommyM321 says:

    The sad truth is that there were a LOT of shit bands in the 90s

  2. BronSin says:

    The bongo player for cypress hill will always be my spirit animal

  3. Og Woodstock and 94 were just awesome. Too bad those edgy limp bizkit listening mfs had to ruin it all for us. Late 90s/early 2000s culture honestly sucked

  4. its funny to think back on some of these artists and songs…where did they go? lol

  5. joe salazar says:

    Too bad 99’ idiots ended this

  6. Erika Flores says:

    One of my best highlights of my young adulthood! Bought my ticket for 250 and took a bus from yankee stadium and spent 3 awesome days in upstate New York! Loved it!!!

  7. Blackcrow says:

    Dolores O'Riordan , what a presence over the stage , BANG ¡¡¡

  8. Jay Boothe says:

    Hard to believe this was 27 years ago. I was there at the age of 18 with two old friends. One of the greatest times of my life.

  9. Imagine if Nirvana & AIC were there.

  10. Peter Gabriel? He was the best performer there.

  11. ray thomas says:

    Maybe we'll be back there in 25 years…..

  12. Sean McGuire says:

    Ty for the time stamps in the description

  13. Utero says:

    1:39:03 that is why there is no Guns N' Roses 😂😂

  14. MF Wahyudi says:

    When nobody wearing masks and nobody got fucksinated

  15. The Cranberries… enough said.

  16. Most all bands performed with high voltage energy.

  17. Jach Pach says:

    lost and found! many fellows are seems to losing even their heads😃

  18. SD-238 says:

    Woah I think I was trying to find this torrent back in the day. Is there anywhere to download the DVD of this? Thanks for the upload!

  19. Nice Performance …😁👍

  20. Só os caras mesmo pra usar lâmpadas na cabeça kkkkkk

  21. Lori Maloney says:

    94 was a great time red hot. Chill peppers collective soul live metalllica so many bands on list I had for myself so many Laughs 💕never got searched brought in booze in zip lock bags tapped on our body’s lol

  22. 🪁 4:00 🗝️ 7:05 🍍 8:13 💅 13:45 🪅 19:25 🎪 24:25 🪄 46:53 🚭 55:23 🚧 1:04:42 🍀 1:06:42 🎤 1:10:13 🛍️ 1:24:31 🏄 1:29:46 ♻️ 1:30:21 ☂️ 1:36:13 🐎 1:45:55 🇮🇪 1:48:37 ⛸️ 1:54:21 ☀️

  23. johnlich1 says:

    wow what an awful concert lmao

  24. Las chicas de la miniatura son como la versión femenina de kurt cobain y krist novoselic

  25. John Allen says:

    Did they truly believe they were going to stop drugs from coming in by frisking people at the entrance? There were probably bales of pot coming in the equipment trucks. If the people want to smoke some cannabis they're going to find a way to do it.

  26. I was 24 and went to this ..i was dating a dude that lived walking distance from there..me&my girlfriend caught athletes foot lol🤮🤢..however we had a place to shower n sleep so it was worth it..great memories !

  27. A lot of kindness was going around that weekend too. Sunday night was cold and I lost my socks and someone was nice enough to give me a pair to warm up at the campfire with. Ah, memories.

  28. That was 4 days of madness. I'm surprised we found our car after this show. It was an experience.

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