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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: [MOSHVID] The Ghost Inside LIVE at Download Festival 2022 HIGHLIGHTS

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Highlights video of The Ghost Inside live show at the Download Festival 2022, UK, right from the middle of the mosh pit.


4 Responses

  1. this video is sick!! 🤘

    from the guy in the maroon architects shirt in the vid haha

  2. going to see them at Brixton tomorrow les goooo

  3. Stoob says:

    Edit: band actually sounds good but the weird pit monkeys with their arm and leg swinging make the music unbearable. You expect a good pit but then an absolute embarrassment helicopters around like 13:28 wtf is that guy doing

  4. M Osborne says:

    Thanks for uploading this, Andy, it was good to meet you again and I meant what I said, you do a great job uploading these videos 🤟🏼!

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