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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Morristown, NJ St Patrick's Day Parade of 2022

This largest NJ parade of any kind was held Saturday March 19, 2022. It flowed out of the City Hall, and turned West on South Street towards the Town Green. It had 8 step dancing classes, troupes, schools etc. There were some 20 pipe & drum, & fife & drum corps. Loads of modern and antique fire engines plus other vehicles were in the parade. There were tributes to Ukraine, and even a parade of bicycles with one doing wheelies. This 20 minute clip is comprised of highlights of the entire parade which ran over an hour (at any given point along the path). This is a spectator eye’s view as seen from an elevated gimbal stabilized camera in 4K.


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  1. Before judging you may want to take a moment to consider that for parents with autistic kids this may be the only way to safely have our kids enjoy a parade. I proudly have my daughter on a leash so she can enjoy

  2. Ben Chu says:

    That woman has a leash on her child. WTF

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