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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: May be one of the most hype Up Song, Black Country, New Road at Clockenflap Festival, 05/03/2023

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Recorded by Fake_Music (Authorisation has been obtained)
Black Country, New Road – Up Song (ending missing) live at Clockenflap, Hong Kong, March 5th


22 Responses

  1. Tyler Haas says:

    What a haunting little line from Lewis in Up Song

  2. oh, how i love these strangers, amazing !

  3. Melophobia says:

    I was in the front row, everything went crazy that night!Thank you BCNR!

  4. I was there too. It was awesome. Sad that it had to be a choice between Wu Tang Clan and BCNR, but sacrifices had to be made.

  5. I was at the front!!!! absolutely incredible performance by them, it was a dream to see them come to HK ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  6. kaleb says:

    cool to see luke use isaacs funny telecaster

  7. Cian Ryan says:

    I hope someone got a video of it

  8. its_Wes says:

    is that isaacs guitar luke is using??

  9. Ben Turner says:

    Bunch of phone losers

  10. 小果果 says:

    so lucky to be there!!! absolutely adorable the goofiness😭❤

  11. theloballong says:

    literally watched this from a park on the outside and it was just as amazing
    also managed to meet charlie outside before the show

  12. Luke woods says:

    Phones have ruined live concerts.

  13. Emily Wong says:

    Thank you for uploading this, I was there!! :')

  14. GaranHollow says:

    I’m killing myself for forgetting to buy the ticket

  15. yunoa says:

    i feel the hype!!! i feel the hype!!! god i wanna see bcnr live in person so badly now, here's hoping they'll play in boston again soon!

  16. k2 says:

    amazing perfomance by BCNR as per usual and a wonderful energetic crowd; this video legit made me smile, its dumb, but it makes me rlly happy to watch a crowd have so much fun and enjoy the music so enthusiastically , its for sure the kind of crowd that sticks with an artist !! :•) 🤍!

  17. sebastián says:

    so cool to watch everyone have so much fun, that’s what a great concert is supposed to be

  18. Puts the biggest smile on my fsce

  19. Seth.Reader says:

    such a great song and performance

  20. Ben says:

    It’s that little jump Mark does!

  21. Blazepond says:

    hahaha! excellent 🙂

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