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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: MACHINE GUN KELLY Live @ Louder Than Life FULL CONCERT 9-25-21 Louisville KY 60fps

Machine Gun Kelly performing on 9-25-21 at Louder Than Life in Louisville KY. I shot this on my iPhone 12 Pro Max in 60fps.
I made this video for one of my students, Lasjah, who kept asking me for over a month if I had seen MGK yet. I told her that I would capture it all so she could see. I hope you enjoy it, Lasjah.
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Song chapter stops coming soon…

0:00 title track
kiss kiss
drunk face
Misery Business
concert for aliens
all I know
Sick And Tired
my ex’s best friend
I Think I’m OKAY
forget me too (with Gina from the audience)
bloody valentine


22 Responses

  1. Lol, this is what happens when you talk shit about the scene you are trying to profit from

  2. M V says:

    MGK is literally living the dream right now :
    Tickets to my downfall was a n.1 album (only rock album that got n.1 in 2020 apart from Metallica), got platinum within a year, won 2 VMAs and 2 Billboard awards, it is still charting after a year, his single My Ex's Best Friend broke a record for being on the top 100 for a year (only 80 songs in history achieved that)😉

  3. M V says:

    Absolutely love MGK and his energy 🔥 childish Slipknot fans forget that Corey started the shit and insulted MGK after his album's success and after literally saying " let me know if I can help in anyway " as Corey wasn't known for insulting artists..and Kell replies when he is triggered! BTW after dissing Kells, Corey had the audacity to copy /cover one of MGK'S hit Bad Motherf*cker.. The hypocrisy ..

  4. Sophia Scott says:

    He actually sold tickets to his downfall

  5. Kevin Soria says:

    He said he’s going to play the song candy? How come u didn’t get that video?

  6. Looks like he can perform even better when haters are in the crowd 🔥

  7. Nates phunk says:

    I was there booing

  8. Flavio says:

    Do you have Knocked Loose set?

  9. levi cruz says:

    He should’ve just stuck w rap

  10. Look at what Eminem did to this man

  11. Mike D says:

    Lol is he even playing the guitar? Sounds exactly the same when he stops. And can anyone give me a time stamp of one seemingly interesting riff?? Sounds like kids bop or some shit. Its like the pastor who plays with his band at church. Generic bs and horrible lyrics and vocals

  12. Mafty says:

    This shit is trash. High school concert sounds better. Time for him to move on again.

  13. Tim Kruse says:

    whats crazy is mgk is getting heat because he replied to what corey said lol like wtf corey started this shit by throwing shade in that interview

  14. Ari says:

    I'm so glad I wasn't there to see that shit! I would have ended up in the cells or out cold. MGK's concerts have always been game changers. Crazy to see those old ass men stuck back 10+ years ago hating on his energy he puts into his live shows.

  15. PenguinQueen says:

    Kellz is trying so hard to be so fucking nice dude. Swear to God omg.

  16. the last song this clown played he counts 123 jump …… bro to what ?!

  17. Cory Clutter says:

    I've seen grade school talent shows that didn't hurt as bad as this show

  18. Cory Clutter says:

    Love how people.on here saying he killed it literally like crickets when he's singing and speaking I just saw slipknot, Killswitch engage, fever 333, code orange last night and wasn't even this quiet at start but enjoy your boy band mgk people

  19. Cory Clutter says:

    I just saw slipknot no boos there cause they actually are music artists

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