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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Livestream Highlights – Chick Plays Spain

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Livestream Highlights – Chick Plays Spain

Here’s a little “Spain” to brighten your day 🎵 🕺 When Chick points at you, by the way, that’s your cue to sing along 🎤

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20 Responses

  1. Consentido says:

    Amazing tune chick

  2. Fatyma Silva says:

    Love you Chick! Kisses!

  3. DrummerBoy says:

    how does the master only have 90k subs? someone get on this man's social PR!!
    Thanks for a life of education

  4. hi Chick How would you play this bwv 847

    just in case I need nothing from you and I don't like americans and usa is enemy country to me

  5. Awesome, very elaborative….almost deconstructed the song taking the essential

  6. Chick.. This was beautiful. Thanks for posting.

  7. Azlan Nair says:

    Good Morning Chick 🌻
    Thank you.

  8. Fer Guardado says:

    This is 100% Chick. Every detail, every note… amazing

  9. He really lifts that right arm. Just can't get enough of that. ELBOW UP! Muscles all complement each other.

  10. Sono sempre affascinato dal tuo stile chissà cosa darei x suonare con te certo nn sono Dave Weckl ma sono sicuro che me la caverei ciao Armando.

  11. Martin Clay says:

    Everything about this video is amazing, when I say everything I mean everything but the carpet 🤣

  12. TinSpajic says:

    creativity level 1000000000000…………

  13. Thank you Chick! For these happy moments and for making room to respond with scat!!

  14. This is still my favorite song of yours but i know so little of what you have done that that is not fair to say. I love this song no matter who plays it.
    Thank You Chick !!!

  15. EyeTreasure says:

    Absolutely superb.

  16. heyheyhey says:

    Where are these clips from?

  17. 👁💧 so damn good!

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