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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Livestream Highlights: Bach's Concerto in C Minor

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Livestream Highlights: Bach's Concerto in C Minor

In this clip from a Facebook live stream, Chick plays through his part of Bach’s Concerto in C Minor. This is a duet piece he’ll be virtually recording with longtime friend and collaborator, flutist Hubert Laws.

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8 Responses

  1. The maestro's being playful here. Thanks for bringing a smile to my eyes.

  2. I-Love-Music says:

    That was wonderful Chic"

  3. The Spanish Kaiser lol

  4. Very nice, it sounds like material from his c minor partita, but I dig when Chick-afy it!

  5. It’s not Bach but Corea 😊

  6. PJ Certo says:

    Thanks, Chick,

    Johann with a little . . . . . . 🏌!

  7. Eli Glick says:

    Stunning! So lively it made me laugh!

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