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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Lantern Rite Theme (Full Version)/Genshin Impact OST “Liyue” 2nd Half Advanced Piano Arrangement

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26 Responses

  1. Phonki says:

    1:45 His keyboard was shaking lol

  2. Introvert says:

    This is probably one of the most nostalgic pieces of music in the game. Reminds me of when I started the game

  3. So beautiful 🤩🤩😌😌

  4. Jaaaaaason says:

    Love it sir! Happy Chinese New Year!

  5. Skykeeper says:

    I would love to see your cover of I’ve never forgotten https://youtu.be/5yPanOf-QlM

  6. delen says:

    Happy Chinese new year ChaconneScott! Amazing arrangement.

  7. Kachala says:

    Wtf jurassic park theme xd

  8. Anthra says:

    Thank you very much, the lantern rite theme really does have aspecial place in my heart and hearing your arrangement made me tear up a bit, hope ya'll have a great lunar new year!!

  9. Nooo it's too early for me to be crying already. Absolutely beautiful

  10. The most nostalgic track for me in Genshin, and like usual you did is so beautifully 💕💕 thank you !

  11. PanD0rado says:

    This the first one though

  12. ふみ says:


  13. Rebecca says:

    Such a beautiful ost. More beautiful in piano.

  14. りんご says:


  15. Bujank says:

    Womderfull, and high piano skill
    Btw where is demo alhaitham?

  16. Last year + this year, cool and AMAZING !

  17. another masterpiece on my holiday playlist now

  18. Andrey. says:

    How wonderful it is. I'm happy.🥳

  19. Khent Dungog says:

    Been humming this theme all day and now got to see a beautiful piece from you. Thank you.

  20. heiqi-yihu says:

    Gonna stay up til 3AM for this! Happy new year/spring festival/lantern rite!~

  21. Skykeeper says:

    I can't wait any longer!

  22. I'll probably love it.

  23. Meh says:

    Your covers makes my day. Keep going!!!

  24. Nina Andrade says:

    I already know this is about to sound majestic and divine.

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