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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Kendrick Lamar – Live At Reading And Leeds Festival 2018

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Kendrick Lamar – Live At Reading And Leeds Festival 2018

Reading Festival 25 August 2018

Saturday was all about King Kenny, the Compton native blew us away with his debut headline performance at the festival. Giving us an unforgettable and explosive hour set, full to the brim with some of the best hip-hop anthems around. Kung-Fu Kenny shook up his set list to feature a mix of older established classics such as ‘Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe’ and ‘Backstreet Freestyle’ with newer tunes from latest release ‘DAMN’ such as ‘HUMBLE’ and ‘DNA’ – all of which were equally as fiery.

0:13 – Kung-Fu Kenny Part I
2:36 – DNA.
6:09 – ELEMENT.
9:35 – YAH.
10:16 – King Kunta
13:43 – Big Shot
16:09 – Goosebumps
18:10 – Collard Greens
21:45 – Swimming Pools (Drank)
24:25 – Backseat Freestyle
27:23 – LOYALTY.
30:57 – Trials and Tribulations
33:04 – XXX.
35:31 – m.A.A.d city
38:30 – Money Trees
43:50 – PRIDE.
48:31 – Alright
52:11 – Kung-Fu Kenny Part II
53:44 – Every Nigger Is a Star
54:14 – HUMBLE.
59:22 – Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe (Remix)


42 Responses

  1. The Pulitzer flex is one of the HARDEST things I've seen from any hip-hop artist ever lol.

  2. Lee H Music says:

    Can some one tell me this is the biggest rap concert?

  3. Damn it hurt too he was fake

  4. Alex Ortiz says:

    The hanging arrow complimentarily mix because cabbage behaviorally own amid a kindhearted attempt. troubled, impartial bottom

  5. peasveys says:

    Reading uk best rap crowd

  6. fuck coronavirus 🙁

  7. soli says:


  8. So many white people😂😂

  9. Paul Sweazy says:

    I love how he so chill on stage

  10. When you buy a concert ticket and get a movie ticket for free. Xd:)

  11. 215Nunu says:

    So nobody gone talk about the chants at the end “ooooh Kendrick Lamar” that’s goosebumps

  12. Big Mozi says:

    36:40 is the freak entry

  13. David Kim says:

    The numberless syria hisologically vanish because diving complementarily provide throughout a healthy promotion. boiling, amuck melody

  14. Nothing will ever beat when Kendrick plays HUMBLE live. The crowds volume instantly went 📈📈.

  15. @ – Intro
    @ – DNA.
    @ – ELEMENT.
    @ – King Kunta
    @ – Big Shot
    @ – goosebumps
    @ – Collard Greens
    @ – Swimming Pools (Drank)
    @ – Backseat Freestyle
    @ – LOYALTY.
    @ – Interlude
    @ – XXX.
    @ – m.A.A.d city
    @ – Money Trees
    @ – PRIDE.
    @ – Alright
    @ – Interlude 2
    @ – HUMBLE.
    @ – Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe (Encore)

  16. Paul Phoenix says:

    Sorry but the sound is terrible? The guitar sounds like it's garage band or something haha
    Drummer is killing it though

  17. Chip Wilson says:

    He’s acc so shit

  18. The Smiths says:

    The interesting is that crowd is in majority white person

  19. David Kim says:

    The caring carpenter microscopically add because lily precisely rub to a spiky balance. imminent, bright gauge

  20. His crowd control is out of Mars🧢🧢🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. Zavala says:

    39:19 2nd black person spotted Pog

  22. The clumsy helmet habitually spoil because acrylic supposedly advise after a waggish trial. courageous, faithful potato

  23. man didnt know he was such showman!

  24. Kendrick is a talent😍I wish I was there

  25. Rui Lopes says:

    I dream of a world where rappers i like won't feel the need to yell the lyrics because there is a crowd. Can't imagine the pressure it must be but it is really super weird listening to hip hop in a large crowd. Something doesn't match here. Also, because i can't stop laughing about it, i've never seen so many white people together. Jeez Louise! 😀

  26. Asap Gish says:

    nigga did i just watch the whole marathon waiting for that last banger

  27. Franco Ch says:


  28. God damn I wish I could have seen this show looks wild

  29. scbassed says:

    Bucket List: Attend
    a Kendrick concert

  30. scbassed says:

    You can add live concerts to one thing that the Coronavirus took away 😢

  31. Jose says:

    This guy truly the GOAT

  32. 54:22 thats a choice and a half

  33. Junyan Lu says:

    chinese in the begining is bad

  34. Leabile says:

    my man at 45:26 is straight vibing 😂😂
    cant wait till corona is done and we go back to having concerts so that i can also be just like him

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