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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Jimmie Vaughan Interview with Todd Beebe at Guitar Talk

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In this week’s episode of Guitar Talk we have another edition of “Talking With The Greats!” This is the audio edition of a portion of my interview with the great Jimmie Vaughan! These are some highlights from the audio that was used for the print and online interview published in the Buddy Guy’s Blues Magazine that many of you have asked about hearing.
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This video features roughly 14 minutes of my conversation with Jimmie. Hear us talk about some amazing things including Jimmie’s early years in Dallas and Austin and working on the legendary “Family Style” album with producer Nile Rodgers. There’s a famous story that’s gone around for years about one of Jimmie’s early artists opening for Jimi Hendrix and Hendrix breaking Jimmie’s Wah pedal. Not what happened! We’ll hear about what REALLY happened straight from the man himself!
Jimmie’s a super great guy! The real deal! Jimmie and Stevie Ray Vaughan both had a HUGE impact on, not only me personally, but the entire music world. They both have done so much to bring Blues and Blues based music to a wider audience. So speaking with Jimmie was a real honor for me. He is beyond humble and down to Earth. I am releasing this audio today, March 20, 2022, as it is Jimmie Vaughan’s Birthday. So it’s the perfect time to let the world hear him tell these great stories! Thanks again for a great time talking Jimmie, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
Click here to read my complete interview with Jimmie in it’s original printed format: https://www.facebook.com/notes/1010982889405144
I’ll be posting more audio from this interview along with other artists including Charlie Daniels, Dion, Peter Frampton, George Thorogood, Don Felder from The Eagles, Robin Trower, George Benson, Rickey Medlocke, Mark Farner, Frank Marino, Felix Cavaliere and more in the future. So please SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out!! Many of these can be read in their original print format at https://www.facebook.com/ToddBeebeMusic
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