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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Imagine Music Festival 2017 (Official 4k Aftermovie)

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Imagine Music Festival 2017 (Official 4k Aftermovie)

Tickets for Imagine Festival 5th Anniversary on sale now at http://imaginefestival.com

Track Credits:
Pretty Lights – Lost & Found (Odesza Remix)


Snails & NGHTMRE – Only Want U (feat. Akylla)


Won’t Stop – Leah Culver


Chris Lake & Chris Lorenzo – Nothing Better


Nizer – Technical Support


Tiesto & John Christian – Scream



36 Responses

  1. Diana Moraru says:

    Who were the Romanians who went there? :)))

  2. 2018 after movie please!!

  3. Adam Day says:

    They’re all on lsd and acid

  4. Words cannot describe how excited I am!!!
    1 more day!!!

  5. haha honestly American festivals are so clean and nice looking. british festivals people just get loose as fuck and do skitz shit just because its okay at festivals​ different cultures i guess

  6. Trickyyy says:

    Just got my bracelet shipped. My first festival experience 😬 Any tips?

  7. Marina Smith says:

    Cheap Imagine Music Festival Tickets are available on https://bit.ly/2AzifI1 | Use FIESTA discount coupon on checkout and get special 3% discount from Tickets4festivals.com on Imagine Music Festival Tickets.

  8. Troy Harris says:

    Sunset Music Fest is one thing, but Imagine Music Fest is like EDC… it's a magical experience.

  9. My first festival cant wait! #2018

  10. atlsdjryan says:

    Golden Ticket Contest- Free Entry Plus Meet & Greet!! Enter Here: https://www.hive.co/l/7a6sb

  11. If I make it to imagine this year I may just live through 27

  12. This is gonna be my first festival

  13. Len Fletcher says:

    I really want to go, I'm going to try to make it this year.

  14. Darris Pope says:

    Anyone know the song at 6:41 ?

  15. Devin Roach says:

    The night shows look amazing , but I'm a big day raver and if I'm camping I like a good venue. However, the fact that it's at a motor speedway is keeping me from buying tickets. Can someone convince me otherwise?

  16. Alex Rotz says:

    Favorite festival last year!

  17. Here's my movie of Imagine Music Festival 2017. Interesting people, venders, artists, hot girls, excerpts from DJ performances, environments, /watch?v=YSCiw1yrKJM&t=4002s.

  18. Will deadmau5 be back 2018?

  19. Will deadmau5 be back 2018?

  20. appleinfl says:

    2:55 Holy shit I made the aftermovie!!!

  21. Rpmcolts360 says:

    Awesome Festival! Some of the best vibes! My group had the Spongebob Imagination Totem. One of my favorite sets had to be Claude Vonstroke closing out the whole festival by himself. Already got my ticket for 2018!

  22. aysia xo says:

    I finally turn 18 this year! I cannot wait to go for the first time!! 😍

  23. I actually shed tears because I miss this so much. Imagine ATL is home <3

  24. This will be year for me and I can't wait!!!

  25. Victor Munoz says:

    ATL!!! Awesome Event!

  26. Älan says:

    6:31 marshmello hat c:

  27. Josh D . says:

    Shit was lit as fuck

  28. Had an awesome time! Hope to play there one day… http://www.HouseNinjaMusic.com

  29. Andy Perez says:

    cant wait to go back this year!

  30. ZB says:

    That first drop was so ugly lol

  31. Amie Nguyen says:

    does anyone know the song at 5:17?

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