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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: HELLOWEEN – How Many Tears (Live in Wacken, 2018, United Alive) THE WOLF HUNTERZ Reactions

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: HELLOWEEN – How Many Tears (Live in Wacken, 2018, United Alive) THE WOLF HUNTERZ Reactions

48 Responses

  1. Piotr K says:

    You had 3 legendary Helloween vocalists, Kai Hansen, Michael Kiske and Andi Deris, this is history legendary concert, United Alive

  2. Moto Moto says:

    When ever you see a Huuuge Crowd and a Construction-Tower in the Crowd and the Wacken Fire-Bull-Scull on the Stage side…You know thats a Wacken Video…No Matter what Band play. Thanks 4 reading this Comm and Subscribe done long Ago.

  3. Peter Inches says:

    Hiya if like tapestry style fashion .. shrine of hollywood…..i love tapestry style vest's fashion myself … also where did your name come from curious !!!!!!

  4. i was born in 1975…

  5. Love these guys listen to helloween duke box youll love it

  6. Please react to kingdom come by manowar in my opinion the best song they ever did its up there with the best youll love it 😁

  7. Try a kinky lifestile store;) You'll be surprised what cool outfits there are!

  8. Great Great song. AAAND great reaction.
    Already last year i bought tickets for a Helloween concert this May (in Germany). But currently we are in a lockdown and I don't believe it will happen 🙁
    By the way:
    You mentioned the singers. This concert (in Wacken) was part of a "Reunion"-Tour where all (former) 3 singers of the band took part: Kiske (bald ;-)), Deris (haired), Hansen (guitar).

  9. Best German Metal and what ever people say 👌

  10. Johan Bos says:

    Wow, amazing footage! 35 year ago they wrote this song!

  11. MKF says:

    EPIC !!! by the legendary Helloween…if you want to hear the plagiarised version of this song just type 'Helter Skelter'…thats the name of the band…it was in 1987 and the band is from Singapore..the song name is 'Tiada Lagi Air Mata'…How Many Tears is fast songs…that version is slow..

  12. 1984seky says:

    Try Helloween – Heavy Metal is the law from Wacken 2018 😉 Kai Hansen´s best song 🙂

  13. gwalia2112 says:

    At school back in the 80s my mate Chris loved Helloween and Maiden. I didn't, just the odd song. I was more of a Rush, Megadeth, Death, Suicidal Tendencies, Black Sabbath, Kate Bush kind of guy. I will have to show him hoe good they still are and let him reminisce because I know he's drifted away from this kind of music. Thanks for the great reaction guys.

  14. Dunken6 says:

    they are actually 3 vocalist and 3 guitarist and i for one hope kai and kiske is goning to be permanent members again

  15. Last Song of a THREE HOUR CONCERT !!!

  16. Still one of the Greatest Metal Songs ever came from Germany…Nerd Fan right from the first EP ! Long live the Pumpkin King ! Kiske's Voice is still Mindblowing !

  17. Chris Duncan says:

    Dr Stein and "the rise and the fall" please. Love, truely love Helloween. And you guys rock

  18. Felipe Moura says:

    React helloween – Pumpkins united

  19. Loved your reactions and appreciation of the greatest band in metal history….

  20. Seta Asesina says:

    For this song are three vocalist and three guitar players…Kay Hansen is the first vocalist of the band, Also one of the first guitar players.

  21. Michael Kiske el mejor 😎😎😎

  22. Ryan T says:

    back in the day you could find cool "metal" clothing in just about every mall I went to. I miss the 80's…

  23. Paulo Vieira says:

    Make reaction to the medley in the same concert helloween live at Wacken please it's 4 song in one

  24. Pioneers and masters of power metal. So epic!!!This is One of the tours I really regret never seeing because they rarely come to North America. Thank you for a great reaction.

  25. reaction rata blanca la leyenda del ada y el mago subtitulodo

  26. Sam Masri says:

    The best song from the Walls of Jericho album.. the album that a certain guy by the name of Chris like it so much that he use it as his stage name and be known worldwide as Chris Jericho..🤭

    Kai Hansen, the guitarist/vocals was the actual singer of the song before the bald guy joined in later from the 2nd album.

    Hello from Malaysia.

  27. SASTORM says:

    That drummer Dani is fast af, but former drummers Ingo (RIP) and Uli are levels above him in creativity, groove and raw power

  28. PhilipGiger1 says:

    "But before the world

    Turns into a sun

    All cruelty and violence

    On earth will be dead and gone" 😉

  29. Helloween forever 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

  30. Joel Abel says:

    Kay u guys need to listen to victim of fate by helloween

  31. ''A tale that wasn't right'' from the same concert Wacken, anf Forever and one (Official video) Nuclear Blast

  32. TS says:

    Sad lyrics, the second singer with the guitar was the lead singer on the album wich was Helloweens first, this album wasnt really power metal that they are known for, it had a more aggressive and raw sound so it's more speed and thrash metal.
    I love it, i listen to this song and a few more from that album almost every day.

  33. Wayne Kelly says:

    Hey please do a tale that wasn't right from this concert .

  34. Achim E. says:

    Love your reactions to The Warning… but Helloween is a love since I was a teenager… great musicians, this united tour with all former singers was awesome! 🎃🤘👍

  35. M T-Wolf says:

    Kai Hansen (he playes the yellow guitar and who sings also) was co-founder and member of Helloween but left in 1988 and started the band Gamma Ray
    But in november 14, 2016 was announced the Pumpkins United World Tour both original members Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen joined the current members for this tour for 2017, 2018 and 2019

  36. amysdaddy1 says:

    3 legendary lead vocals from one band is harder than 3 presidents from one school

  37. Frank says:

    🎃🎸🤘🔊🇩🇪 Helloween haben mich zum Metal Fan gemacht❗

  38. This Is my frist metal band at 6 years old in 1986 whith this album (walls of Jericho) in this album the Singer was Kai Hansen (the actually red hair Guitar player) the next album the band pass to 4 at 5 musicians whit a new Singer Michael kiske (no hair Singer) for me the best Singer of ever i see this tour in Italy in March 2018

  39. Zhiк says:

    WH please do Ride The Sky 🤘😎

  40. Luis Nunes says:

    Love your Helloween reactions, guys. Travis, feel free to pull out a pen and notepad… you won't be the first.
    So it's like this, Kai Hansen, the guitarrist with goldtop Les Paul, was the original singer. He hired Kiske after almost blowing out his voice. He later would become the lead singer of Gamma Ray, a band he founded after leaving Helloween. He prefers the guitar. Sacha Gerstner also does backup

  41. pim pim pom says:

    waiting for next react from this formation🙃

  42. Rory Murray says:


  43. Dani Maiden says:

    More Helloween please, songs Dr Stein, Eagle fly free, power from high live concert

  44. HELLOWEEN has the best friking choruses ever

  45. not two but three vocalists,kai hansen was the first helloween vocalist

  46. Great song, great reaction! Helloween still rules! Btw. You know, Helloween are from Germany and here we have a quite cool metal (online) shop called EMP.

  47. Marcin Zajec says:

    3 vocalist, Kiske, Deris, Hansen

  48. anitnec says:

    Great comments Trav . 0'30"-0'40" Suzi Trademark ! 3'30"-3'35" Another ! The Classic for real . The historic singer is the one many on the left with shaved haircut , the two are great vocalists , Micheal Kiske is one of the most famous heavy vocalist in all World ! 4 drum bass yes ! Some times 2 are of a Size smaller and two bigger I am not sure but in rare cases are bass drums in scale ! Like 24" by 22" (inches of the woods tubes), 22" by 20" , 20" by 18" , 18" by 16" ! Halloween have done a Pilar Stone double album that is called Keeper of the Seventh Keys ! I haven't in reality eheh ! Did you notice the colours of the cymbals ?! White…and the 'Woods of the Toms , Tom Toms and Bass drums' ? White and maybe metalized grey with some graphics above (blue?)!

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