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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Happy New Year! | The Longest Johns

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Happy New Year! | The Longest Johns

Massive thank you to everyone for being with us this year! It’s been a weird one but you’ve all been amazing. Enjoy some highlights from 52 weeks of videos and we’ll see you in 2021!


The Longest Johns


31 Responses

  1. I see @corridorcrew merch.

  2. blehh nahh says:

    Bad call having shitty techno remix under these nice shots, people like you for the complete opposite.

  3. Jumpie Jin says:

    I never thougt I'd hear a shanty dubstep remix, but I freaking loved it!!

  4. Jo L Ri says:

    Little more bass boum and this is good acide !

  5. Nit Fens says:

    New Year's would have been the perfect opportunity to record Auld Lang Syne. (Please still do so…)

  6. I love your songs, but I strongly dislike that you insert instruments into shanties. All your best music is without instrumental backing.

  7. The like to dislike ratio is perfectly balanced as all things should be

  8. umaca says:

    Remixing Wellerman before it was cool

  9. trapical says:

    2021 is the year of the sea shanty

  10. Are you aware of the fact, that right now "shanties" hits an all-time high in google search requests? The tide is rising, prepare your boat and be ready to surf the wave!

  11. Dusk Claw says:

    Thank you guys for helping lighten up our year!

  12. Leo Zodi says:

    Get these boys to 1m by 2022 <3

  13. Jkharu2 says:

    But such a tight ass moving seems asleep caught my attention LoL

  14. OnigiriKewn says:

    They deactivated comments on older music videos, did anything happened in those comments? Ppl in this channel's comments are usually very nice, that's why I find it strange

  15. Hey! Corridor Digital shirt!!!

  16. To the ppl who disliked this screw you

  17. Soggy Potato says:

    Happy New Year guys! Have you ever considered doing a cover of Hoist the Colours?

  18. Alexis Pro says:

    Happy new year my lads

  19. GodHelpMe says:

    Happy New Years my friends. Thank you for everything you do. Your music is amazing and is amazing to listen to it honestly feels like an out of body experience when I get into it. Anyway, let’s hope 2021 is smoother sailing then 2020

  20. Rice Juice says:

    Ye should do hoist the colours from pirates of the Caribbean: at worlds end plz plz plz

  21. 2021 is looking up to us all.

  22. Happy new year! Do y'all still play SOT?

  23. insanity 2 says:

    Welcome to a new episode of: what 2021 has brought me too

  24. islaisdead says:

    Came across you guys from James Buckley's stream! can't describe the energy your music gives, it's awesome! Bloody beautiful voices.

  25. James Buckley sent me here lol – (CompletedITMATE)

  26. Hey you guys should try "Good luck to the Barley Mow"

  27. Ryzan Music says:

    I just found out about you guys today, and my god you are my new favorite band! Love you guys and keep up the good work! Gonna maybe do some covers of your songs with my friends! Cheers and happy 2021!

  28. Alonso Rubio says:

    What's the story with the D20s and where can I get one?

  29. This channel was one of the best things I found in 2020. Let's just hope 2021's better

  30. This band is literally my favorite to listen to while gaming

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