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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Grime Originals – Outlook Festival 2019 Warm Up Set

Ft. DJ Slimzee b2b Jampak w/ Riko Dan, Sharky Major, Killa P, Flirta D, Jamakabi, Bruza & So Large live recording at Rinse FM .

On Saturday 7th September, Grime Originals take over the Void Incubus stage at Outlook Festival, Pula, Croatia. Get your tickets now from http://www.outlookfestival.com

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26 Responses

  1. ІςН K says:

    Tubby in the back 😂

  2. stormin would be all over this!

  3. King Schultz says:

    Riko Dan passes it to Killa P, Killa P passes it to Jamakabi. Fuck OFF!!! Also Tubby in the back has me curious about the set going on in that room.

  4. Everyone goes off on this like don't piss me off jeezuzzzzz

  5. 26:50 the way flirts catches that hoe refix, perfect

  6. KRUCIAL KIDD says:

    Grime 💿🎚🎛🎛🎚💿🎵💯

  7. Check out my beats lemme know what yall think 🔥

  8. NACS1 says:


  9. Wow these man are still going? Same man again? Damn 😂😂😂 fucking ell …

  10. What do you know FD all day everyday FD…….💥👑

  11. Jakebob says:

    selection and mcs are both on point – huge set

  12. Jakebob says:

    yooo that jampak spesh of the spyro tune at 5:50 is fucked

  13. mr wong says:

    WHOOOSH you see how So Large comes in bad man lyrics !! if you know you know …….

  14. This 💥💥💥 Originals

  15. LuKe says:

    Only 15 mins in and I've already punched 10 holes in my walls

  16. Danny Brown says:

    I’ll never be too old to listen to grime while these man are still going so keep it up man dem! 👊🏻😂

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