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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Greenwich Village Folk Festival 9-5-21 Highlights

A full song from each artist (two from Jay & Molly and Kate Taylor):

1. Jim Infantino–Stress (© 1993 Jim Infantino, Funny/Not Funny Music /ASCAP)
2. Jaspar Lepak–P Is For Placenta (© 2021 Jaspar Lepak)
3. Tom Prasada-Rao–My Right To Choose (© 9/5/21 Cary Cooper & Tom Prasada-Rao, Ethereal Girl Records/ASCAP, Simple Gift Music/BMI)
4. Kate MacLeod–The World to Someone (©2020, Kate MacLeod, Courier Music/ASCAP
5. Ray Bonneville–Roll It Down (© Ray Bonneville, stonefly music/SOCAN)
6. Cosy Sheridan–A Beautiful Sound (© Cosy Sheridan, Cosyng Music/BMI)
7. Ellis Paul–Rose Tattoo (© Ellis Paul, Ellis Paul Publishing/SESAC)
8. Cliff Eberhardt–Things I Left Behind
9. Jay Ungar & Molly Mason–The Lovers Waltz Duet (© PEDL, Warner Chappell, Audiam (Publishing), Relax Your Mind (©Huddie Ledbetter, Folkways Music Publishers/BMI)
10. Kate Taylor–Harriet Tubman (© Walter Robinson, Shawnee Press Inc/ASCAP), I Got a Message (© Kate Taylor, Devils Bridge Music/BMI)

MCs Ron Olesko, Christine Lavin, Rod MacDonald
Sound & recording by Brandon O’Sullivan & Greg Greenway
Concert production by Rod MacDonald & Raymond Micek
Video © 2021 Greenwich Village Folk Festival

The publisher of this video asserts no claim to any of the songs herein. All words & music rights are reserved to the respective Publishers and Composers, whether listed above or not.


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  1. Jim Taylor says:

    How does Infantino sing that without losing his breath after all these years? Gotta be the jumping java.

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