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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Greatest crowd moments at Glastonbury 2019

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Greatest crowd moments at Glastonbury 2019

Glastonbury 2019 was full of great performances, but let’s not forget those all important moments that feature the crowd in their element.
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25 Responses

  1. P H says:

    Whitest crowd ever!!

  2. Will C says:

    The transition at 0:40 😭😭😭

  3. Dylan LUFC says:

    The fact they didn't show The Killers~ Mr Brightside is an absolute robbery…

  4. No it was actually lewis capaldi's entrance

  5. Serhan Varol says:

    2:36 Jesse Pinkman is that you ???

  6. Foo fighters never performed at Glastonbury then…

  7. El Canal says:

    1:21 some kmows the name of the song please?

  8. That was a shiver down the spine when Lewis Capaldi had the crowd singing.

  9. Sm W says:

    I only knew 2 of the artists there but I looked good

  10. Lobo Solar says:

    The best festival of the World

  11. Utterly horrifying. I see nothing but a viral nuke waiting to go off with that crowd. The lockdown is the best thing that ever could have happened to society as it keeps us safe from ever-mutating viruses and strains. De-fund all public venues and stay at home until we reach zero. Get your kids vaccinated and make them wear two masks, it's tough love.

  12. I just miss live festivals and concerts at this point

  13. thank god this will never happen again, it was a toxic timebomb, having a good time and going to a concert is not worth risking your grannies life for… stay home listen to your tapes and cds and protect the nhs

  14. Dr Electric says:

    We must never return to the old ways of the past,
    look at all those people crowded together !
    The filth of it all ! Wear your masks people. Social distance and STAY HOME !

  15. This is so disgraceful have these people no shame. No mask no distance it’s because of this in 2020 we ended up in lockdown how dare anyone wish for another festival like this in future that is selfish beyond believe stayhome save lives. Facts matter

  16. 2:25 and 1:08 anyone know who they are?

  17. 7wervin says:

    I was at the Lewis capaldi one and lemme tell you something it was THE best moment ever the feeling was astonashing

  18. Josh Cr3 says:

    The security guards when the artists go into the crowd 👁👁

  19. Josh Cr3 says:

    Who broke everyone at 1:49

  20. Lauren G says:

    I miss live music so much

  21. Arya Sinha says:

    Ah the good old pre Covid days

  22. shy fn says:

    the first video seems like peak in life, nice music nice scenery, so simple

  23. That's why Glastonbury is the biggest crowd festival.

  24. Ian Carlyle says:

    You can see the look on Lewis’ face where he’s like “Yeah… I made it” and it’s amazing

  25. Seeing this just makes me sad lol

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