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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Flamenco Guitar Lesson – Spanish Cadence in E minor Solo

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Flamenco Guitar Lesson – Spanish Cadence in E minor Solo

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I’ve had a few comments about improvising over flamenco chords and in particular over the Spanish Cadence. The Spanish Cadence is a very common chord progression that occurs in Spanish music and flamenco which uses the chords IV – III – II – I. It is usually in a minor key and often occurs n flamenco in guitar keys. From this cadence many pieces are composed and it serves as a building block of a piece often from which one can depart into other music ideas (or return home to). Today I will show you my favourite riffs for improvising over the Spanish Cadence in E minor. I should add that these are just a few ideas of literally thousands of things you can play over these chords but, just like in blues and jazz, they are a good addition to your improv vocabulary.


3 Responses

  1. Gold dust mate.. Thank you. Will dive into your lessons.

  2. Gabriel 22 says:

    I really enjoyed this breakdown thanks Sergio!

  3. D Strings says:

    Hi Sergio. That was fantastic. Just the advice i was looking for. I now finally start to understand how it works. I am definitely getting straight to work on this exercise. Thank you and thank you for all the great video's you put out.

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