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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Festival X 2022 Aftermovie

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Australia, you were incredible. What a dream. ✨

See you in 2023.


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Video: @enamourediris372 https://ei.au/
Track: @SubFocus and Dimension ‘Solar System X Devotion’


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  1. jmazzetti says:

    Well done on putting on such a great show! Also at a great venue with a great crowd! The Sydney show was the best festival I’ve ever been to!

  2. It was amazing festival!! It’s so funny to see yourself on the video. Hey mum look I’m on it 😅

  3. Absolutely fantastic festival, best Aussie one I've been to yet. So greatful you were able to bring it to little old Adelaide. Very keen for next year

  4. Jainormous says:

    Honestly probably the best festival I’ve ever been to. The set up, the sound, the vibes, the line up. Everything was well planned & thought of. The QLD show was amazing. Thank you for an amazing experience 🫡🙏🏼 I’ll be back every year until I can’t go no more, that’s for sure.

  5. Khary Khammy says:

    there’s was so many people i’ve met but didn’t get their socials :/

  6. Where the video for waiting in line for and hour for a drink.. that's the movie I wanna see lol

  7. vzekii says:

    ID: Subfocus – Solar system & Dimension – Devotion.

    Was great to see sub focus and Wilkinson live – Dimension next? 👀

  8. Shania Skyra says:

    Literally the best event of my life. I want to go back!! I vlogged it and watch it everyday

  9. One of the best events

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