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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Feeder – Reading Festival 2008 – Highlights

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Feeder – Reading Festival 2008 – Highlights

Many thanks to the members of Feeder Fan Site.


33 Responses

  1. Tom McGlone says:

    This was the last time i saw Feeder live. Im seeing them again in Manchester on March 10th. Soooooooooooooooo pumped

  2. It's a shame they aren't headlining huge festivals. I mean, look at all the hits they released.

  3. Kurt Cobain says:

    What is the song just before Just a Day ?

  4. Feeder did covers from The Police, Nirvana, PiL & Frankie Goes To Hollywood

  5. Nicky Jones says:

    sooo good. I love how they ended on nirvana 

  6. Buck Rogers was awesome..Fantastic set..we need them higher up the bills at festivals.

  7. pulpbabe says:

    Rockin' show! Never saw this before & I was already a Feeder fan.

  8. 14mport says:

    The Breed cover was fucking cool

  9. Lee Owen says:

    I hope after the hiatus/break/whatever you want to call it, they ask Dean back to play live shows. They sound so much better with the two guitars live. Don't get me wrong, I've loved seeing them as a three piece (plus keyboard) over the last few years but the early to late 2000 shows will always stand out to me 🙂

  10. PhatChocobo1 says:

    …little circle pit during just the way i'm feeling. haha, love it.
    Feeder's gigs are always full of energy though; even the 'quiet' songs get people moving!

  11. wooly51 says:

    4 years later i see them on Lock Up at the same festival. They needed a far bigger stage!

  12. LeSwing says:

    They can do Nirvana. Fuck Yeah.

  13. Nicky Jones says:

    playing breed killed the drummer haha

  14. AnimeLiam says:

    Actually, their version of 'Breed' wouldn't sound out of place on their 'Renegades' album.

  15. AnimeLiam says:

    Who is that left handed guitarist?
    He's been in all the live shows that I've seen but I don't know who he is!

  16. QwentyJ says:

    21:39 – 'ello luv!

  17. i guess these guys made bush famous

  18. zooport1988 says:

    What a perveryed camera man. Fair play to him though for spotting a chick taking a pis that far away :L

  19. Julie Cox says:

    What a brilliant setlist!!

  20. mattsgp says:

    This crowd is phenomenal!!

  21. 0.43 What the hell are they filming?

  22. Andy Hegarty says:

    @beanboyo slipknot never played.. they had to pull out cuz joey broke his ankle or something was gutted 🙁

  23. please find download festival somewhere please? sdkdf.

  24. gto40 says:

    @xuenilom thanks!

  25. xuenilom says:

    Thought people might find a time stamp for each song helpful 🙂

    Shatter 0:00
    Come Back Around 2:45
    Buck Rogers 6:13
    Just The Way I'm Feeling 9:32
    Insomnia 13:47
    Lost & Found 16:40
    Just A Day 20:58
    Breed 25:03

  26. Have this Video on my iPod for ages. Sooo good 🙂 Well Slipknot actually didn't play, because the drummer broke his leg before.. That's why there is a get well Joey sign on Marks Bassdrum

  27. beanboyo says:

    Feeder and then Slipknot on this Reading line-up.

  28. FEEDER87 says:

    This is awesome! Thanks, Feederweb!

  29. do you know when their new album will come out perchance?im from newport so i really love feeder 😉

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