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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: EFG London Jazz Festival 2020 Highlights

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: EFG London Jazz Festival 2020 Highlights

Thank you for sharing our first digital EFG London Jazz Festival with us. Global audiences of over 1 million enjoyed specially recorded concerts, showcases, interviews, talks, and interactive events from some of the world’s best names in jazz and beyond

Though the 2020 Festival dates are over, tons of the shows are still online for you to enjoy at http://www.efglondonjazzfestival.org.uk for free

Catch up on shows you loved or may have missed, and share with friends and family including Judi Jackson, Kansas Smitty’s, Moğollar, Emma-Jean Thackray, Sarathy Korwar, Baba Zula, Emile Parisien & Vincent Peirani, and many more

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