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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: [Drops Only] Skrillex @ Second Sky Festival 2022

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Full Set: https://youtu.be/Ne6AwsaSrj0

Instagram🔥: https://instagram.com/yeck11?igshid=gx1plxgor6op

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45 Responses

  1. Stoneforth says:

    it's like an early 2000's crowd. barely any phones out

  2. chris says:

    Damn they had skrillex on during daytime? I didn't know he fell off like that, usually the sets are at night because he was headlining.

  3. Just Tomas says:

    It should be illegal to let him perform this early. This guy deserves to play midnight, maybe later while everyone are already fucked up and dancing the shit out of them bangers.

  4. Cinema
    Scary monster y Nice Sprite
    Me hizo recordar mi yo del 2011😢🖤

  5. Axl Garron says:

    Zzzzzzzzkrillex is back…. yeih 😒

  6. Bajin Bohan says:

    Y’all are calling him boring while he did the set w a fucked up CDJ lol

  7. Skrillex just sucks a$$ . I honestly think noisia, deadmau5 and 12th planet designed a lot of his old stuff and no longer has that access anymore .

  8. gadkii says:

    Хуя бороду отпустил, ебейший мужк

  9. Gaamerson says:

    El papá de los pollitos volvió

  10. MK MUSIK SF says:

    Fue un gran reemplazo para fred again.. Quien no pudo presentarse

  11. R3v3n4nd4rk says:

    Tiene varias ID's muy buenas ahora que tengo gustos muy diferentes🤨😎

  12. Brandon says:

    Love Skrillex – hes definitely experimenting with new track ID's. Hope he comes back on tour soon with the 🔥

  13. I notice in recent years that is not using anykind of visuals anymore, do you know why? I miss his visuals 😔

  14. Que venga a edc México 2023 😢

  15. Ease my mind the original version is still probably one of the best songs I've heard to this day. Don't really know what happened but all his songs after that one were not as good.

  16. Moe Kun says:

    The drop played after Try it Out is a song by Damian Avila called Tekno:

    this is the song

  17. Extraño que haga su estilo de Dubstep, era más complejo y más interesante de escuchar que ahora

  18. Crikey he looks so much older now XD

  19. dejo este comentario para cuando se 2023

  20. This set was kinda shitty with peace and love

  21. this just proves he should go back to his bass shit

  22. Loana Gamer says:

    I hope he gets to be in ultra 2023 Miami and shows everyone that he isn’t garbage like they are saying nowadays

  23. Danilow says:

    Ya no es como antes 😞

  24. KlaraMorgan says:

    this is pure shit, i miss the old skrillex.

  25. Lil $tab says:

    Skrillex enters his midlife crisis… kinda vibe it tbh

  26. J says:

    damn i might be fucking late to this but skillrex grew a mfkin beard??

  27. what a disappointing set from one of the greats

  28. Cueboyd says:

    ok i'm obsessed with the Fred again collab Inhale/Exale

  29. my man gotch thiccc beard huh!!!! ❤️

  30. EL3VEN says:

    Fred Again & Skrillex – Inhale/Exhale ID


  31. Shao Dynasty says:

    Too bad all the music he's put out since Recess almost a decade ago has been trash. And even that only had a few good songs on it.

  32. Long live the king of dubstep

  33. Whii Thou says:

    That "Try it out ID Remix" is actually Damian Avila, IVARR -TEkno

  34. Modificou ser 100% e vou te dizer n chega no nível de Recess Álbum não viu sério tá sem sabor esse set algumas até passa mais .

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