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Watch us struggle to get booze and visit every store in Telford, in an attempt to find enough snacks to feed an army…


5 Responses

  1. Another year another shite line up….i`m going Saturday for Megadeth and Iron Maiden…the rest of the weekend is piss poor unless you like Teen/Lite Metal or Faux Rock garbage such as Biffy Clyro….Even at 61 years of age i still despair every year i see the line ups,make it a proper Rock/Metal festival once again and not the Metal Lite version of Glastonbury where posers go just to be seen where people wear band t shirts and yet can`t even name a song/album by a band……and ban Comedy/Novelty acts like The Darkness/Steel Panther/Evil Scarecrow etc etc.

  2. Tina Webb says:

    My 1st time at a festival be going on Thursday starting the food drink shop tomorrow

  3. killer gamer says:

    It's my first year

  4. NWBloke2008 says:

    I get there on Tomorrow, not taking half the crap you are taking.

  5. Chris Kelsey says:

    Where you camping?

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