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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Does The Shoe Fit? | Unknown T Reaction Video

Unknown T reacts to his episodes of ‘Does The Shoe Fit?’

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29 Responses

  1. tbh idc says:

    Bro honestly had me creasing keep doing shit like dis and making bangers fam the roads dead 💯🤣🙏🏿

  2. Rahma ABdi says:

    I use to watch prank patrol soo much ❤️😩memories man

  3. PESO says:

    U man was baffed, she was just an easy girl 😂😂 sharing is caring u man

  4. Dennen Smith says:

    this is mental but i love it

  5. Rod Dah says:

    No one:……
    Unknown T:…… I'm flabbergasted

  6. Joe Woollard says:

    T you're a legend. only rapper i know who utilises his fanbase to create entertainment, most rappers are detached from their fans nowadays but you have done a proper madness. big up yourself

  7. Mak Jim says:

    Footasylum are dikkkkkheddddddddsss

  8. Jay Racks says:

    Penalty shootout golden goal something with this girl man

  9. That BBC jacket is disgustingly hard

  10. Coolrobo says:


  11. "In the name of jesus kmt" 😂 "come sass me"😂

  12. TXN C says:


  13. That Guy says:

    True say he seems a bit uneasy on camera, like doing too much. Wish he was 1000% himself coz when you can tell he’s being himself he’s actually jokes.

  14. Mxshy says:

    Also I want to see u in more footasylum shows bro fr

  15. Mxshy says:

    Yo please bring more of these types of videos

  16. Hc Dt says:

    " I wonder what santz with the bantz is doing now man" T's feeling boredd 🤣

  17. TMG_sav • says:

    Unknown T u are too funny akh🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 was dyin the whole vid

  18. Simon J says:

    Good video i like your personality T

  19. _zell0 says:

    personality gives context. music alone you're the coldest in the game. this is the next step people will connect different .

  20. Man said “She’s beautiful in the name of Jesus” 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  21. ProdbyThomas says:


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