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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Concertgebouworkest & Klaus Mäkelä | Schostakowitsch & Tschaikowsky | Elbphilharmonie LIVE

Das sensationelle Concertgebouworkest Amsterdam und der junge Pultstar Klaus Mäkelä präsentieren zwei Highlights großer russischer Sinfonik. ➡️ Mehr erfahren:

Klaus Mäkelä ist gerade mal 25 Jahre alt und gehört schon in die erste Liga der internationalen Dirigenten. Seit 2020 ist er Chefdirigent beim Oslo Philharmonic; 2021 tritt er ein weiteres Spitzenamt als Musikdirektor des Orchestre de Paris an. Nebenher dirigiert der geborene Helsinkier andere Top-Klangkörper der Klassikwelt – zum Beispiel das Concertgebouworkest aus Amsterdam, das mit seinem seidigen Klang und der flexiblen Spielkultur weithin als eines der besten Orchestern überhaupt gilt.

Nach Hamburg bringt die überragende Doppelspitze zwei Schlüsselwerke der sinfonischen Literatur mit: Dmitri Schostakowitschs epische Sechste Sinfonie wühlte mit ihren kontrastreichen Sätzen 1939 die sowjetische Kritik auf. Tschaikowskys melancholisch-leidenschaftliche Sechste mit dem Beinamen »Pathétique« ist einer der größten sinfonischen Hits der Musikgeschichte. Er vollendete sie wenige Tage vor seinem plötzlichen Tod – so wurde sie zu einem berührenden Abschiedsgruß an die Welt.

Video on Demand vom 13.11.2021, verfügbar bis 13.2.2022 .

Dirigent: Klaus Mäkelä

Dmitri Schostakowitsch
Sinfonie Nr. 6 h-Moll op. 54

0:00:00 Largo | Sinfonie Nr. 6 h-Moll op. 54 | Dmitri Schostakowitsch
0:22:18 Allegro | Sinfonie Nr. 6 h-Moll op. 54 | Dmitri Schostakowitsch
0:28:32 Presto | Sinfonie Nr. 6 h-Moll op. 54 | Dmitri Schostakowitsch

– Pause –

Piotr I. Tschaikowsky
Sinfonie Nr. 6 h-Moll op. 74 »Pathétique«

00:39:50 Adagio. Allegro non troppo | Sinfonie Nr. 6 h-Moll op. 74 »Pathétique« | Piotr I. Tschaikowsky
1:00:20 Allegro con grazia | Sinfonie Nr. 6 h-Moll op. 74 »Pathétique« | Piotr I. Tschaikowsky
1:08:00 Allegro molto vivace | Sinfonie Nr. 6 h-Moll op. 74 »Pathétique« | Piotr I. Tschaikowsky
1:16:52 Finale. Adagio lamentoso | Sinfonie Nr. 6 h-Moll op. 74 »Pathétique« | Piotr I. Tschaikowsky

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28 Responses

  1. nordic are great…respect from spb…beautiful…

  2. shophar says:

    Solo Trumpet 🎺. Tutti Brass Bone chilling beauty. I Love this Brass section. Bravo👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  3. Stefan Ufer says:

    Still no news from this orchestra about a new principal conductor

  4. Looks like conductor is too much ahead the orchestra, and that’s why nobody is looking at him

  5. Jarkko Lauri says:

    Sometimes music transcends time and place, the nation and even the composer character. This happened in the Sixth symphony of Shostakovich. At the outset, I found myself in. a melancholically beautiful world of modern music. It was expressive in a sophisticated way, that I associated, for some reason, to French music and Skrjabin. This was both an intellectual and emotional journey to the notes and sounds, that challengedd boldly any presuppositions linked to this work.
    The same goes to the first and fourth. movement of Tsaikovsky’s symphony. There is often more noise than quality in Tsaikovsky interpretations but here Mäkelä sought a more balanced, meditative path. I did not find enough ecstasy in the middle movements, that would. set contrast to the tragedy. But perhaps. I was in a wrong mood for these parts. Anyhow thanks for a mesmerizing concert. The silent conclusion of Tsaikovsky gave certainly something to think about to the audience.

  6. These are dynamic, exciting, and deeply-felt performances of a symphony that begins in melancholy but ends in triumph and hope, and a symphony whose third movement feigns triumph but in its finale sees only despair and hopelessness.

  7. Idil Arseven says:

    The moment the Earth stood still. 🌐

  8. I think we may all agree that the greatest cultural product of the beautiful Country of Finland at this moment in history, is it's crop of young Conductors. (BRAVO)😃

  9. Kisung You says:

    쇼스타코비치… 지려버렸어….

  10. Wieso muss ich mir hier zuerst Werbung für Haarspray und eine Gebrauchtwagenplattform ansehen? Unwürdig und absolut unakzeptabel für ein Konzertvideo!

  11. В Европе наступил серебряный век дирижерского искусства! В вечность ушли последние представители золотой эпохи, Хайтинк, Янсонс, а на смену им пришли молодые люди, переполненные энтузиазмом и имеющие высокую профессиональную подготовку. Я искренне рад за Европу, эти артисты – её настоящее, а не будущее, и это прекрасно!

  12. WOW!!! Marvelous young conductor. What energy. The orchestra play like gods. So fine. Thank you for this, Elbphilharmonie!!

  13. Piano Lovers says:

    For an orchestra of this caliber (one of the absolute greatest of our time), it's too bad the sound quality of the transmission is limited – both in its dynamic range and its lack of much warmth for such showpiece symphonies (the Tchaikovsky Pathetique being a clear example). Nonetheless, Makela seems like a genuine talent not withstanding his odd decision to deny the finale to the third movement of the Pathetique Symphony the opportunity to resonate and deny the time to absorb the entrance of despair in the finale. But Makela overall is quite impressive and the musical rapport between him and the orchestra seems quite genuine. While there already is quite a bit of his performances online, looking forward to more extensions of his repertoire.

  14. A magnificent performance!!! A truly amazing orchestra directed by a most talented young conductor!

  15. Unfortunately this is a very soft approach to Tchaikovsky's most tragic and moving symphony , Makela is a very talented conductor, but needs more time specially if you are at the front of the best orchestra in the world.

  16. 2:06:33 the man at the end of Tchaikovsky leaving and disrespectfully showing his thumb down!? Man, you can have your opinion about everything, but be polite! Disgusting picture.. Shame on you.

  17. Wonderful performances of two amazing B Minor symphonies. Thank you for this stream, and for the chance to hear this superb orchestra responding generously to such a dynamic conductor. You can feel the electricity and see the engagement between Mäkelä and the players…
    Impossible to sympathize with the boor in the audience who leaves suddenly at the end with a ‘thumbs down’ gesture! 🤷‍♂️). Equally impossible to take seriously the contention (as a few still maintain) that Mäkelä isn’t a serious, extremely gifted musician. To doubters I say – as Ivry Gitlis said when dispelling the myth that Heifetz’s playing was ‘cold’ – ‘close your eyes, and LISTEN!’

    Again, BRAVO to Concertgebouworkest and Mäkelä! 🤗

  18. Quando se fala de talento, se faz referência a uma qualidade nata que alavanca competência, que alavanca resultados. Afirmar que esse maestro é talentoso é considerar apenas o início de tudo que ele realmente já é, e esperar mais de uma suposta maturidade que sublima o ser e o fazer, é colocar risco no que se pode qualificar como supremo; e existe no vernáculo lusitano o popular termo "se melhorar estraga", significando risco ao tentar melhorar o que já é mais de que super bom. Falar da qualidade da Concertgeboworkest é absolutamente desnecessário, já que é realmente considerada a melhor e mais perfeita orquestra ocidental, mas abri este comentário referindo-me ao jovem maestro, que reinventou como jamais algum outro o fez, a 6ª Sinfonia de Tchaikovsky, colocando nessa obra magnífica, mais do que competência de dirigir, mas mostra-la no seu mais absoluto significado, o que foi verdadeiramente o autor, suas tragédias, suas frustrações e o final em desespero de uma vida conturbada que colocou na sua obra máxima o que realmente era, o que realmente foi!… A esse jovem maestro não é necessário prever futuro, porque ele já é o que realmente será. Dificilmente teremos a oportunidade de ouvir e sentir desta obra, interpretação mais impactante.

  19. ali dogancay says:

    Thank you for this fantastic live stream. Concertgebauworkest is always the best. Klaus Makela's conducting iş wonderfull.

  20. Begeisternd. Beides. Schosta und Tschaik. Die beiden unglaublichen h-moll Sechsten. Schön fand ich, zu Beginn Liviu Prunaru als Konzertmeister zu erleben, und nach der Pause seinen KM-Kollegen Vesko Eschkenazy. Ein dickes Lob an das orchesterverwöhnte Hamburger Publikum – der ehrliche Applaus für diesen Orchester-Rolls Royce aus Amsterdam. Klaus Mäkelä allerdings hätte am Ende der Pathétique nicht eine halbe Minute lang im Gebet verharren müssen, solche Gesten blieben Claudio Abbado vorbehalten. Dennoch, sein Dirigat war prima.

  21. Superb performance! Bravo Concertgebouworkest!

  22. Jo K. says:

    Es war unfassbar gut. Ich habe die ganze Zeit Gänsehaut bekommnen und am Ende hatte ich Träne in den Augen. Vielen Dank!

  23. Großartig – Klaus Mäkelä als Wiedergänger von Schostakowitsch!

    Leider kann man nicht jedes Wochenende nach Hamburg reisen, aber ich freue mich bereits auf die Berliner Philharmoniker am kommenden Samstag und auf musicAeterna / Teodor Currentzis am übernächsten Wochenende, beide ebenfalls mit Schostakowitsch. Bitte kapituliert nun bloß nicht vor Corona, und lasst die Elbphilharmonie bitte offen! Es fängt gerade wieder an, so richtig Spaß zu machen 🙂

  24. R Torresj says:

    Muchas gracias por compartir este magnífico concierto. Un placer escuchar a esta magnífica orquesta con este fantástico director. Klaus Makela siempre me hace disfrutar al máximo de su talento.

  25. elbdeichdani says:

    Das war fantastisch, vielen Dank für den Livestream!

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