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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Christina Aguilera | Lovers and Friends Festival 2023 | Vocal Showcase

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34 Responses

  1. Arod Arod says:

    Never disappointed with a Christina Aguilera performance ❤❤❤

  2. Lauren An says:

    Can you please do a video on Madonna's underrated and extremely beautiful vocals? They're different from Christina's and still so unique in their own way.

  3. Vocals pride 2023? please 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  4. I just wish she didn't there are other people who deserve the help up in music and in general and we can't because Ms. Diva came to Ohio and ruined things by touring or singing or buying or starting businesses over class votes. .F.C.C. needs more reasonable punishments, what they ask for what they get and forcing people into socialism and communism and politarism, is a destruction to democracy and the democratic republic. We all deserve to make deals on punishments like First Favoreds, not non stop community votes. That are anti- economics, anti – grass roots, anti – hometowns, too pro celebrity, too pro-elitist, and hold back people from developing into better people, because your still babies. Plus, we shouldn't have to submit to a government that won't recongnize our families right to exsists, right to own property, have transportation, worship, voting, self – expression, secondary education. That the anti – Marylin Monroe and anti – irish stance have to go. Only half believe in the propagandas anymore. 1/3 of millennials and gen. Z don't even believe in it. It promotes sexism as well.

  5. sotos a. says:

    we need new GOOD songs xtina….we're getting bored

  6. Sherry Eaton says:

    She still gots it ❤ Her performances was So Awesome I will forever be her fan vocals out of this world She is so Beautiful Better with age on her Besides Mariah Carey ,Or Whitney Houston ,or pink ,Kelly Clarkson Do not know anybody could ever compare to her Vocal Skills ,I am a Singer myself I can hit those highnotes as well But due to depression I deleted my videos on here but plan on making more

  7. Rhys Daniels says:

    Amazing she sang tell me with P.Diddy I love that song and still is on my ringtone list x❤❤❤❤❤

  8. Wolves says:

    Christina was/is so talented but she doesn't sing anymore she only growls and it's such a shame and i think and hope that og fans like me understand what i mean… i miss the days when Christina actually performed and sang. I heard Mariah at the same concert and even though her voice too deteriorated with time and she got older she was still singing tho.

  9. Evan Eleven says:

    Still sounds annoying.

  10. Apple Pucci says:

    She has taken care of her instrument!

  11. No….. y’all delusional asf if this straight screaming supposed to sound good

  12. She sounds really deep. Voice isn’t as clear idk

  13. B Budiarto says:

    sadly she never sing not myself tonight, your body & accelerate.. such a bomp

  14. rubenprez says:

    Lmao @ "nothing special" about the ANOM big note… I know, I know… under Xtina's standards I guess. Still funny

  15. JAMBU says:

    Xtina vs whitney houston

  16. Lesia K says:

    Why did she do that to herself.. No she was bad without it all

  17. Donna says:

    Omg that weird BBL shape tho. Ick

  18. Donna says:

    I love that she has zero other females onstage with her. Git it Xtina

  19. I saw her live in January. Loved her. The only thing I’ll say is she does sing the high runs and will skip some of the pre chorus most of the times… 😅

  20. Puro sigaw na sya ngaun..

  21. Kamilar135 says:

    Omg….stripped intro…she hasn't sung it since 2010.

  22. Kuris Chan says:

    Audience was so quiet.

  23. Why she doesnt use her head voice or whistle nots?

  24. I was there and she murdered the show!! 😍

  25. feeniix6 says:

    X ate This performance up

  26. boy4edm says:

    I guess if scream-singing is your thing. Over exaggerated & unappealing.

  27. her Eb5 on "What a girl Wants" reminded me of her vocals in her youth! It's a time machine! Wow!

  28. Damn. X is not playing. ❤❤✌🏻

  29. Enzo E says:

    Im still not over the costume!!!

  30. Aura Monroe says:

    Christina belting out those notes with no problem. The only diva that night with her voice intact

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