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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Bring Me The Horizon (feat. Ed Sheeran) – Bad Habits (Reading Festival 2022)

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Bring Me The Horizon perform Bad Habits (feat. Ed Sheeran) at Reading Festival 2022.

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35 Responses

  1. Cpu Samurai says:

    I love the fact that it is rated G = Very strong Language.. and "FUCK" is said in the first 10 seconds… in the states G means it is for 5 year old kids.. in England G apparently means, dont be a pussy..

  2. „Lass doch au mal gud sai, Äddy!“

  3. HyPeRzXhAwKs says:

    Ed just genuinely looks so happy to see BMTH as headlines

  4. Dan Martinnn says:

    It almost looks like Ed is a fan that gets to live out his dream of jamming with his favourite band 😅 probably not completely accurate but that's the vibes this performance gives 🔥

  5. This version is amazing. Thanks Bring Me The Horizon. 💙 Ed Sheeran

  6. me walking to Arctic monkeys and
    missed this. massive L taken

  7. Berne666 says:

    This is a Masterpiece !

  8. Glad to see the most replayed bit is actually the best bit

  9. That. Is. Fucking. AWESOME!!!!! I mean, I like Ed Sheeran, but like BMTH more, they have more talent. Saying that, this version of this track is nothing short of AMAZING!!!

  10. Rega AS says:

    man this is insane.

  11. Ed sharee and Bring me Horizon…. Is Perfect ❤️🖤🤟

  12. Loust~ says:

    wheres the strong language

  13. tasharch says:

    How clever how they both meet each other's voices halfway.

  14. Panhandle says:

    ed be looking around like "this is so cool man"

  15. books says:

    Ed Sheeran actually has a nice voice live, surprised. Usually I get disappointed by pop artist when I hear them live

  16. Pointylegend says:

    And people say oli can't scream anymore

  17. Grant says:

    When it comes to this song Ed is not the feature LOVE BMTH but This is featuring them not him.

  18. Wow!!! That Ed sure has a nice voice. Hopefully he has a future in music.

  19. Was there, not a massive fan of their new sound personally but they put on a hell of a show, was really awesome

  20. The Reverend says:

    This has been by far the biggest surprise of the year. BMTH and Ed Sheeran absolutely nailed it! Absolutely amazing!

  21. Это прекрасно. Одно из тех видео, которые я сохранила бы себе в папку с любимыми видео, если бы такая существовала

  22. They should've put the screams he does live in the studio version… like this one better

  23. Kariann says:

    The best duo EVERRRRR

  24. Seccary says:

    Please put this version on Spotify. This is genius.

  25. TheEvaBalazs says:

    I love this. Ed should play more rock ..and metal staff

  26. Drew says:

    Ed looks both absolutely terrified and very excited at the same time and it’s so adorable LMFAO

  27. bro this gave me chills

  28. Eunyong Bae says:

    Oli please do more with ed like this ,we really really need more ..

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