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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: black midi – Speedway (6 Music Festival 2020)

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black midi perform Speedway at 6 Music Festival 2020. Visit the 6 Music Festival 2020 website for more videos and photos https://www.bbc.co.uk/events/e2hp8g

Watch the full set (UK only): https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p083wbp9/6-music-festival-2020-black-midi


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  1. David Diaz says:

    a noise/posthc/experimental band can only ever be as good as their drummer…and Morgan is a fucking ripper.

  2. Third Stone From The Sun feel at times. Beautiful.

  3. Difícil fazer outra coisa e n prestar atenção na performance ao vivo desses moleques! Extremamente criativos e um baterista genial e técnico! Eles ainda vão longe! (isso q pela manhã estava curtindo Zeppelin ao vivo na BBC) Mas Black Midi tbem é espetacular!

  4. I like this version of speedway

  5. lol at the the TBE hat

  6. Cooper Chew says:

    Cameron really be lookin like young Steve Albini

  7. Apothe Curio says:

    video contains strong language
    Language : new city, old buildings,d gajdhgohaejbveh avk;eav

  8. Most pretentious cack I've heard for years, utterly dreadful racket. The only "musician" up there is the drummer, which is a crazy thing to admit but true 😂

  9. JoBro says:

    morgan simpson fucking KILLS it here. but i mean, he kills it on every performance I've seen of his, so it's not surprising lool

  10. Is he just listing football tournaments at the end there?

  11. why the duck is eryone sayin that matt is like jonny greenwood, he aint

  12. Elliott says:

    Thomas Pridgen-esque on the drums

  13. anyone got the full set somewhere??

  14. Tyler Mann says:

    why does he start saying football leagues at the end lmao

  15. Matt just turned to jonny greenwood to josh klinghoffer

  16. This band is awesome. I love them. from Japan

  17. c says:

    matt morphed from johnny greenwood into bladee

  18. Memphis says:

    0:34 🔥💛💖
    👇 👇 👇 👇🧡

  19. stereopolice says:

    A band that is drum driven as much as Led Zeppelin or The Police. GREAT and essential drumming going on there.

  20. Sylandrophol says:

    why does cameron look like the smartass kid from the polar express here

  21. Matt is back 🥳🥳🥳

  22. Hronis Arva says:


  23. Jake Clarke says:

    Best band in England rn

  24. Looks like you have a mop on your head, buddy. Cut your hair, you're almost bald and you're older …! We are only interested in what you do, what you know how to do, what you show and teach here …

  25. Andrew Matus says:

    Where’s da full set?

  26. Pres de l'eau 👍…

  27. they look pretty bored ngl

  28. Elyy03 says:

    God I wish I could see them live!

  29. Olaf Putker says:

    this is the weirdest setting for this band ever, but they’re still playing the hell out of it

  30. amangogna68 says:

    Great group and nice song !

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