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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: black midi – John L – Live at Coachella 2022


22 Responses

  1. Oliver Brown says:

    Love and hate this

  2. Alex Fast says:

    Love that the keyboardist gets a quick Mario lick in at 3:10

  3. Wayne Shen says:

    This one is BRUTAL!

  4. Johna says:

    This is garbage.

  5. AMSRMX16 says:

    Sort of like a really shit U.S. Maple.

  6. maeve says:

    morgan simpson goes hard

  7. Joel G says:

    H A I L
    B L A C K
    M I D I

  8. That can't stop cover is something else. Mayhaps next cavalcovers track

  9. Awesome job on the dancing guys! Love this video with all of the amazing music!

  10. 松下武裕 says:

    John L ( John frusciante Love ) 5:00

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