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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: black midi – Cavalcade Listening Party Extravaganza

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: black midi – Cavalcade Listening Party Extravaganza

“Cavalcade” out 28/05/2021
preorder: https://blackmidi.ffm.to/cavalcade


44 Responses

  1. João Moraes says:

    I'm drunk, I'm brazilian, I' don't know what's going on in this album. It's good.

  2. Hogwash and Bolderdash is the filthiest song I’ve ever heard

  3. sebastián says:

    the ending is history right there

  4. Jordan Chan says:

    Love from Hong Kong ToT you guys are so brilliant ToT

  5. htepo says:


  6. Edwin Nube says:

    Alv, ¡esto está bien computadora!

  7. Tristan says:

    Finally an album that sounds like a Hieronymous Bosch painting

  8. Alberto ; says:

    thats cool but can you come to brazil?

  9. odin 147 says:

    the 29th minute is the most sublime of piece of music I have listened to in a very long time

  10. I hear some screamy red man influence in there

  11. Daniel says:

    what happened with matt?

  12. Aftab Adeel says:

    so KSI is in a band now, that is great!

  13. odin 147 says:

    no band out there like black midi, cant categorize them, jazz elements, radiohead elements, very special band

  14. Lukas Bagel says:

    this is the fucking album ever

  15. that intro shouldve been in the lp holy shit

  16. sudanym says:

    this is the okayest computer

  17. s4rth says:

    Step 1: Listen to any song off of this album
    Step 2: Look up "vewn" on YouTube
    Step 3: Click any video made by vewn
    Step 4: Mute vewn's video
    Step 5: Enjoy

  18. MAD ARM says:

    Math Rock 😎🤘

  19. Who are these stand-in characters?

  20. Foxenburg says:

    Bullllllshittttt,, ,,,,, ₩schlagenheim for ever

  21. Ph says:

    galera eu acho q esses caras n sao o black midi

  22. Grum says:

    Schlagenheim was great but this is a proper album – quite astonishing! Nods to 70s prog – pretty sure I heard a Focus intro. Uniquely weird, fun and slightly disturbing. Love it. Thank you bm.

  23. IMO cavalcade is overrated, in fact every time i listen to it i conclude that is an unfinished work. Im not saying that is a bad album, but from the production perspective there are many problems, some songs have a very flat sound and weird panning, including some passages that are just a muddy mess. From the composition perspective there are some new ideas, but there are a ton of passages that are just cliches of math-rock and prog in typical 5/4 and 7/8 riffs, and others that are just boring build ups to an emotionless 'climax'. The major problem of the album is that its founded in the graveyard of old genres, and thats comfortable enough to build a fanbase of jazz, prog, and old avant-garde music listeners, keeping the 'complex' and technical musical phrases in the simplest way possible. I love what black midi is doing, but the album lacks of real pushing boundaries ideas 🙁

  24. Curtis Young says:

    Y’all are legends

  25. Reminds me a lot of Mr Bungle. And that's a very good thing.

  26. William Poe says:

    I get the need the need to explore the boundaries of sound… just could do with a tighter focus on the grove…

  27. Jewish Dad says:

    anyone know where i can find that sweater cameron is wearing at the end?

  28. This album works perfectly with The Beatniks Exitentialism

  29. Luisnoplay says:

    A Venezuelan fan just walking around the comment section. This album is just simply insane. Dethroned it's my fav track for shoe

  30. Max Chillin says:

    These guys are students of understanding the quadrivium

  31. cogito says:

    It really is cool to watch post-punk make a comeback in the late 2010s and 2020s.

  32. The best Album Bowie never did…!

  33. TheLucasShow says:

    Wow that was cool unique and weird I love it

  34. Sufferin' Succotash! All it took for Maestro GG to open his diaphragm was a compliment on his hair by a hot divorced librarian and her casual mention of Bobby Darin as her "Muse". Hey Buddy, I know a SMOKING astronomer who thinks you sound like Paul Buchanan & Dean Martin in a an ectoplasmic MR James-scripted One Step Beyond episode. This band/concept should last a century or so we hope…R WE COOL YET? – yep.

  35. Raul Ribeiro says:

    These guys…. love it, puta que pariu

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